The dream realizer



And you ask me why I wait?

I'm waiting for my dream realizer.


I'm waiting for a singer to join me

as I sing Christmas carols to my sick grandma,

surprising me in harmony.


You still want to know why I wait?

I wait for a secret note to appear on my hand,

After a warm handshake; a special greeting

A smile solely mine.


Are you still waiting for my answer?

I'm waiting for a song to flow from out my window.

When the air's blowing and the curtains are dancing.


What? You query still?

I'm waiting for a beep as I walk down the road.

A hearty: Hey, beautiful, need a ride?

Easing the hot son off my back.


What else, you ask? I'll tell you.

A sudden umbrella on a rainy day

A tap on my shoulder, a charming smile.

Oh, yes, I wait.


The questioning face hasn't left you. I'll explain.

I'm waiting for, (God forbid!) I fall in a coma or something.

And he'll steal an innocent peck from me.

And tell me way after.

For that I'll wait.


I'm waiting for unexpected visits.

I wait for a bag of chips when I'm nervous…(or anything eatable!)

I'm waiting to see this guy who'll get down at the wrong bus stop,

Just so he can friendly-stalk me.

I'll wait for him who will look back at me, after we'd said goodbye,

Catching my wistful gaze.

I'll wait for him that understands me, the one who needs my help,

The one whom I make happy, the one whom I make smile.


For that and more, I'm willing to wait.

I won't haste, won't hurry.

I'll rest in God's sweet expectation till he comes.

La Elfa.