There's always Something

In every person there's something evil Every place is stained by some memory Some malice is connected to every object No matter who, what, or which ville

No matter how nice, every person has done Something of which they're not proud Something that caused a grief of some kind Done either by moon or bright sun

Nothing is completely, utterly pure Something has happened to hurt Either person or place Even if there is a cure

But likewise…

In every person there's something good Every place has housed some light Every object has received some love Even if connected with could, would, should

No matter how mean, every person has given Something truly form the heart Something that put joy in ones life,
Forming some kind of haven

Nothing on earth is wholly malevolent There is no such thing as all bad All evil has been cleansed once or twice Sort0of clean, no matter what lint.

You can't keep everyone happy.