These first handful of chapters in this collection contain poetry I'd originally published on this site as separate stories.

End The Pain

Words rise up in angry smirks,
While all my world turns to mush.
Through shouts raged you get your quirks
While my feelings descend to slush.
How could this be?
How can you not see?
What you do to me?
So you are free?
Misconceptions breed way to indignations,
As angry words fly
And broken I cry.
Avoidance of anger in agitations.

Couldn't you notice?
Couldn't you see?
Now come to notice
What you did to me.
Broken is my spirit
As it bound by no merit,
And by now I swear it
I can no longer bear it.

Words will fly, that will always be
But you will cry, now without me.
Without me, as this knife
Slices my wrist, no more life.
As I let go this fist
No more life, I clench this fist