other side

you said with the honest in parentheses, protuding in your ribs that you loved me. when you barely know me. when i say these things that scare you & drive you away from the intensity of my love; i can't breathe through the sobs that get caught in my heart. i try to swallow them down my ephogaus but they paralyze the muscles in my throat clenching, freezing' til i'm left out in the cold, breathing on the glass pane on the other side of love because you fear it so i think you hate me with your defense mechanism. the sarcasm slicing through the air & the bitter wind can't be sweetened by your clear blue sky. i can't break through the glass without breaking who i am & it's cracking, dividing the space between us.

a/n: response poem to honesty in parentheses. literally the other side of the story.