She stands in the corner of the room

Holding her sisters pretty hand

Watching the figures float across the floor

Listening to an unknown band

Smiling and shy a boy comes

To steal her heart sister away

He was so love struck, how could she deny?

And again was alone to her own dismay


Across the room was a pretty boy

Staring at her through pretty eyes

She rolled her own and happily denied

Looking back to the ball with heavy sighs

Soon he walked toward her without a hint

That he had seen her dispassion to him

A beautiful hand held out to hers

And she gave him a look almost grim


Sighing loudly she sadly gave in

And regretted immediately her choice

For the fast beat became soft and slow

A singer with a romancing voice

She was pulled close to this boy

His eyes staring into her frightened soul

Her heartbeat pulsing oh so fast

Yet everything about him seemed control


He wrapped arms around her body

She felt powerless and slight

Mystery and something else shone in his eyes

Somehow making everything right

Soon she began to feel the flow

And gave into the spell of the dance

Willing her own arms around the boy

His stained glass eyes caught her in a trance


She continued to dance as the music dimmed

And she realized she never wished to stop

Suddenly engrossed and completed by him

Yet as the notes ended so his hands dropped

And he left her then, never looking back

She lied to herself saying she didn't glance

At the pretty boy who gave her a chance

The only boy whom she shared the slow dance