Green trees, blue skies, and the beautiful eyes of that one special boy.

I watch him trip over his tongue

in the race to leave behind the thoughts

of the girl who has crushed his heart.

Three of my years were wasted by wishes and disappointment.

I crumble under the intensity of his gaze.

His ocean eyes picked me out from the crowd.

I fight to soothe the power of the memories that linger still.

He cannot breathe, for he has that bad habit of reminiscing.

He does not see my stares infused with adoration and hatred.

I hate him for the glances he stole and the hours he monopolized my thoughts.

I stand in this dark room with my heart in my hands.

He sharpens his knife and aims for true love.

He misses every time and instead drives the point straight through me,

but I don't think he knows of the pain he causes.

I hide behind these words, but now I'm terminating the lies.

I have fallen in love with him.

I extend my arms, my heart setting in the cup of my hands.

I wait for his decision with the sweet stain of hope buried within my hidden tears.