Private Purgatory

Somewhere along the way,
I reach a crossroads that
will affect the rest of my life
and I'm tired of turning back
retracing my steps
because choosing is too hard.

I want an answer or sign,
something to ensure me that
I don't force my world
to crumble down, leaving me
struggling and gasping for air
as the smoke fills my lungs.

Which chose causes that and which will
clear all these thoughts from my mind,
allowing me to think freely and live again
without this doom lingering in my mind?

How can I predict the outcome?
How can I be sure I won't
make the wrong decision?
If only I could peer into the futureā€¦

But I can't seem to choose
no matter how much
I want to move on,
I'm stuck in my own
private purgatory with
thoughts haunting my mind.