A/N: This is a Slam poem. It's not meant to be read, it's meant to be performed, to be spoken, to be seen & heard & felt. I haven't written Slam in about a year... wow, it feels good to be back.

today I'm a womyn with a Y, with a question of equality, with a lesson in admonition:
I am not the second sex, I am not just x plus x —
man plus womb does not equal justice.

today I'm a grrrl with an rrr, with a growl, with a roar:
I'm a radical at the root of a revolution
I've got a resolution to grind in:
I will not be confined, I will not be defined, I will not be disregarded just because
I have a vagina and breasts
instead of a penis and testes —
yes that's right — I said it.

today I'm a gurl with a url
I'm virtually digital,
I'm coded to reload a 404 — sorry, you can't (dis)splay this page.
I'm the pixelized projection of my realistically-rendered nihilistically-degendered self
and I don't exist i.r.l.

today I'm a lady
I'm the ideal genteel female, I'm the romance in
high heels and shopping deals,
I'm dances and suggestive glances and coy advances,
I'm an avalanche and I'm silent.

today I'm a daughter
sugar and spice and anything but nice;
I'm a disappointment, the scheduled appointment at the abortionist's clinic
that didn't show.

today I'm a female
I'm full of iron and sulphytes for when I get into fistfights
and I can pay for myself, thanks.

today I'm the symbol on the bathroom door
I'm no more than a circle, a triangle, and four rectangles that force half the population
through one door at the gas station; I'm public segregation.

yesterday I was the zero of the binary system
historically, I was nothing
I was nobody

today I am something else.