Chapter 1

The beginning

The Elven Healer

The unicorn pawed restlessly at the ground a beast eagerly waiting for someone that someone was me. It said to me that I was its rider. "Why me," I asked? "You are a healer and elven born are you not?" The unicorn asks me.

"Yes… but what does that matter?"

"You are of pure in heart you are the one I've been waiting for all this time," it said in my mind. "Hurry we have a long way it go and very little time."

"Go?" I said. "go where."

"By the way call me by my name ok it is Hope hurry there is not much time before the elven prince dies." The unicorn said in my head. And I say to her.

"NO!!!!!!!! This can't be happening! Darren can't die cause I haven't told him that I loved him yet!" Then Hope tells me to get on her back quickly and I did. And we were off galloping through the fields and forests with my sleek blond hair blowing in the wind. We reached the castle keep and there standing in front of the doors to go into the castle, was the queen so I ran up the steps to reach her hoping that I would make it in time. Then the queen tells me.

"You got here just in time Jasmina. The prince is in his room on the fifth floor but you'll never make it up there in time. Please take my hand and I'll transport you there ok." As she was talking to me she was crying. So I tell her.

"Its ok Queen Sarah. I'll heal Darren in no time, ok." Then she smiled at me. She takes my hand and she transports us to Prince Darren's room.