Chapter 6

The Toast

I say to them. "Uh we don't even have a date planed yet. But thank you anyways you guys. By the way you might want to sit down now I think we are going to start to eat soon alright." They both nod their heads and go sit down. Ashley sits by James and Julia sits by Brett. Then Queen Sarah sits down at the head of the table while King Jonathan holds up a glass of grape juice for a toast. But for what I wonder then I find out. Jonathan says out loud to everybody. "Lets make a toast to Jasmina and Darren to congratulate them for finally getting there act together." Boy am I blushing and so is Darren then I reach for his hand and grab it then I say to him mentally. "Its alright will get trough this together one step at a time." He nods and all of us put our glasses up for the toast and take a drink. Then Jonathan sits by Sarah and claps his hand telling the savants to uncover the food so we could start eating and they did. Darren whispers in my ear. "What would you like to eat Jasmina cause ill get it for you, ok." I say to him. "Ok darling. I would like to try some of your elven bread that you have over by those sandwiches, I would like some of your cheddar cheese, and one of those sandwiches ok dear." Darren then asks me. "Do you want anything else honey?" I shake my head and he says. "Ok here you go." Darren sets my plate down and I start eating. Then Darren gets his food so does everyone else and they start to eat the delicious food that was prepared. When suddenly I started to feel sleepy oh no there must have been some night bloom put in my drink but how could this have happen. Before I fell asleep I looked around me and tried to get a message to Darren that something is going on but I didn't now what it was. But in the end I didn't get to cause I fell asleep before I could. Then I dreamed a dream that was confusing to me.