Tearc Dragan

Chapter Twenty – five


Faelan looked up from Cahir as Dara entered. The child had been fussy all morning and he didn't know why. Normally Cahir was ready to go back to sleep by this time, but not today. He looked back down at his son, and watched as Cahir kicked angrily. Reaching out, he tried to soothe the baby.

"Where is your mate?" Dara asked.

Faelan looked up from the fussy baby. "Probably in his room."

"No, I looked there," Dara glanced at Cahir.

"Then try the garden," Faelan laid Cahir against his shoulder to pat the baby's back.

"He won't go in the garden, you told him it was Alastar's," Dara glanced away for a second before he looked back at Faelan.

"Alastar built that garden," Faelan replied. He frowned as he watched the doctor; he tried to locate his mate.

"Then you should have told him it was your fulaing who built it," Dara sat back as Cahir let out a cry.

"He should know who Alastar is," Faelan continued to pat Cahir's back, Faelan watched Dara stare at him in surprise.

"You deny him the information, you won't let Dragan tell him," Dara sat back. "Why don't you ask Dragan where Solas is, I'd like to do an exam."

"Is something wrong?" Faelan asked shifting to press a button.

"When he's tired I noticed that he limps and the right side of his face droops," Dara turned as Dragan appeared on screen.

"Where is Solas?" Faelan asked the AI.

"I do not know," Dragan replied.

"You are attached to him, find him," Faelan was torn between fear and anger.

"Sir, he deactivated the implant two days ago," the AI said. Faelan stared at him; the hunter's eyes were wide.

"And you didn't tell me?" Faelan couldn't believe it.

"I saw no reason to," the AI replied before the screen went blank. The only sound in the room was Cahir's little hiccups.

"Faelan?" Dara asked softly.

"We'll have to find him," Faelan started as he moved Cahir back to his carrier. He looked up when the VID chimed.

"Faelan," Réalta started. "I'd like to speak to you about your mate."

"I have to find him first," Faelan stated as he stood.

"Then you didn't know he was in the city?" Réalta asked.

Faelan slowly sat back down; his eyes on Réalta. "He's at the apartment?"

"No, he moved out of the apartment, after he transferred the Tearc over to you," the king crossed his arms over his chest.

"Where did he go?" Faelan felt his heart squeeze as he asked.

"I put him in the travel dorms, I tried to convince him to stay in the apartment," he told Faelan. "How could you not know your mate had left?"

Faelan dropped his eyes from his king. "The bond is weak."

"Even so, you are a hunter," Réalta put his hands on his hips, he glared at Faelan. "You should know, he should have been in your bed."

"He still needs to heal," Faelan tried to defend. But he knew he should have picked up on something being wrong.

"He is healed; you need to accept the fact he's never going to get his memory back and it will take time and effort to rebuild."

"This is for the best," Faelan muttered out as he watched his son.

"What!" Réalta nearly yelled.

"This is for the best, he can do what he feels is best," Faelan answered quietly. He saw Réalta stare at him, before the king shook his head and the screen went blank.

"Solas did tell me your mate died," Dara sighed.

"What?" Faelan couldn't believe what Dara had just said.

"Solas said that your mate was killed when Devin bashed his head in," Dara's eyes drifted to the baby. "Maybe that is what you want?"

"No," Faelan shook his head.

"Well," Dara stood. "You get to see what it would have been like if he had died."

Faelan didn't reply as Dara left the room. He let his eyes go back to Cahir; the baby was finally sleeping, although it was fitfully. He didn't know what to do about his mate, as much as it hurt that Solas couldn't remember, at least the boy was here and alive. And he had felt better knowing Solas was close.


Solas looked around the communal dinning room, his eyes stopping on Mellan and Talya, both life-bearers were cooing at their sons. He felt his heart skip a beat, pain filled his chest. He had told them when he had first arrived it was too painful to be around them and the babies.

Turning back to his food, he continued to pick at it. He wanted to be able to spend time with those who were his friends, but he found it so hard. Pushing the food away, he drank his tae. After a few minutes, Solas got up from the table; he took his tray to dump before he left the room.

Solas walked into the hydroponics, going to his station he sat down to go over his notes. There was so many things he had to relearn, some of the stuff was in his own handwriting and he was thankful that some of the records were transferred off the Tearc.

"You're back early, did you eat at all?" Yuria asked.

"I ate some," Solas shrugged before he looked over at the life-giver.

"Solas," the man sighed as he sat down. "You need to eat."

"I did," Solas turned back to his work. He knew Yuria was still watching him; the life-giver had befriended him shortly after he had started working in the hydroponics.

"I worry because you are my friend," Yuria reached out to touch him. "You mean a lot to me Solas."

"I know Yuria; but I have a mate," Solas glanced up before looking back down. "You know we've been over this several times."

"A mate that hasn't come to see you or inquire about you in the two cycles you've been here," Yuria pointed out.

"He's still my mate," Solas turned so he could look at Yuria.

"One that you can't remember, one that let you leave," Yuria shook his head.

Solas bit his lower lip, they'd talked about it before and it pained him that Faelan had never called to check on him. That the hunter had just forgotten about him, that it was over. He hoped that his son was doing well, that his mate was finding peace.

"I tried to help when you heard those life-bearers talking about how Bairre was the right life-bearer for your mate, and now with you apparently out of the picture he could finally claim him as was his right," Yuria pointed out.

"I know," Solas hated to be reminded of that very painful moment. He had only seen Bairre from a distance, but had learned that Faelan and the life-bearer had been close until he had come along.

"You'll never heal if you leave it like this," Yuria moved so he was standing in front of Solas. "You need to be able to start clean."

"Maybe," Solas chewed his lower lip again. He knew that the council was meeting later that evening and that Réalta was in his office for a couple more hours.

"You've been putting it off for weeks, you shouldn't anymore," Yuria continued to watch him.


Réalta looked up when he heard a knock. "Come."

"May I speak with you, Mo Rí?" Solas asked quietly.

"Of course," Réalta stood and motioned to a chair. He waited for Solas to sit before he sat back down. "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to meet with the council about having my bond to Faelan annulled," Solas kept his eyes down as he spoke softly.

"What?" Réalta worked hard to keep his voice even.

"I want…" Solas paused to look at him. "I want to have my bond to Faelan annulled."

"You can't, the bond has been consummated, we have Cahir to prove that," Réalta crossed his arms over his chest.

"I have no memory of it, and we have not had sex since I woke up," Solas replied. "Besides, we both need to move on and this is the way to start that."

"I see," Réalta nodded slightly; he wasn't really surprised that Solas was in his office asking for this. He had really hoped that Faelan would have smarted up and came back to the city. "Well, you'd have to convince the council and not many of them are going to let you annul it."

"I need to try," Solas dropped his eyes.

"All right," Réalta nodded. He stood when Solas did and walked with him towards the door. He watched as Solas made his way down the hallway. He knew the boy was unhappy; that both Faelan and Solas were miserable apart and he planned on putting an end to it. Going back to his desk, Réalta pushed a button and waited. "Faelan."

"Réalta," Faelan nodded; the man looked tired.

"Get your ass to the city, now," Réalta stated.

"But…" Faelan started.

"No, now, I want you and your son here in three hours," Réalta waited for him to nod before he let the screen go blank. Sitting back he let out a sigh, it had been long enough. It was time for the two to work things out.


Solas chewed on his lower lips as he watched the council. He glanced over at Yuria, who was sitting beside him, the life-giver offering him moral support. He knew he was last on the agenda, he just hoped things went well. Solas looked at Réalta; the Garnet king seemed to be waiting for something.

"Solas," he jumped when Réalta finally called him forward.

Standing, Solas glanced at Yuria before walking to stand before the council. He bowed slightly to the members before he addressed the royal couple. "Mo Rí; High General."

"You have asked to speak with the council about having your bond to Faelan of mac tire cathair annulled, correct?" Réalta asked.

"Yes, Mo Rí," Solas replied not looking at anyone else. He could hear the murmurs coming from the other council members.

"Faelan, do you wish the same thing?" Réalta asked.

Solas felt his breath catch as he looked behind him. Faelan was moving to also stand before the council and he took a minute to look over his mate. Faelan's hair was longer and was put in dreadlocks; he also looked as if he had lost weight.

"I have no wish to have the bond annulled," Faelan spoke without looking at Solas.

"Solas?" Réalta looked back at him.

Solas pulled his eyes away from Faelan; he took a breath. "I have no memory of my time with Faelan before I woke up four cycles ago. I've been told I have a child, but he cries every time I touch him," Solas paused to take a deep breath; he could feel the tears sting the back of his eyes. He really hadn't expected that Faelan would be here for this. "I have a mate I have no bond with, I am unable to learn about the seasons I am missing because Faelan has forbid everyone from telling me."

"Faelan is this true?" Réalta looked back at Faelan.

"Yes, Mo Rí; it is," Faelan admitted. "I had hoped he would remember on his own."

"And you have not renewed the bond since he woke up?" Réalta asked.

"No, we have not," Faelan glanced around. "I have been hurt and angry at what had happened and what was lost."

"And I haven't!" Solas clenched his teeth as he looked at his mate. "I woke up and suddenly I had a mate and a child and I was lost and alone and no one would help me!"

"Solas," Réalta spoke softly.

"Sorry," Solas bowed slightly. "I just don't know why I would keep a bond that is unwanted and I can't remember. I've tried to renew the bond, but I am not allowed back in his bed."

"Faelan, do you no longer wish to have intimate relations with Solas?" Hoginus asked; the big man looking between them.

"I do wish to have relations with him," Faelan muttered.

"That's not true!" Solas yelled as he turned to face Faelan head on. "I tried; I stood outside your door and begged you!"

Solas glared at Faelan, he wanted to yell and scream. He watched as Faelan crossed the space between them, but he didn't back down.

"You are mine," Faelan reached up to cup his head. Solas tried to pull away as he continued to glare at the hunter. He heard the man mutter 'mine' seconds before his lips were claimed.

Solas reached up as Faelan continued to kiss him, he grabbed onto Faelan's arms as a gasp escaped him. Solas tried not to moan as Faelan's tongue slipped into his mouth. His hands tightened on the man's arms as he felt Faelan pull him closer.

"Faelan," Réalta was standing as was his mate as they watched the pair.

"He's mine and I'm not letting him go," Faelan grabbed Solas' arm as he looked at Réalta; he waited for the king to nod before he turned to pull Solas from the room.

"Faelan," Solas tried. His eyes widened as he saw Yuria standing between them and the door.

"You didn't tell me your mate was a hunter," Yuria said.

"Would it had made a difference or would you still have touched him?" Faelan raised an eyebrow; he watched the man fidget.

"Of course it would have," Yuria looked between them.

"So this wasn't your idea?" Faelan asked taking a step towards the shorter life-giver.

"I um…" Yuria looked at Solas.

"Yeah, thought so," Faelan shook his head as he walked around Yuria. He tugged Solas down the hallway.

"Where are we going?" Solas asked; he tried to pull his arm free, but Faelan wasn't letting him go.

"To the apartment," Faelan didn't stop moving.

"But…" Solas tried to dig his heels in, his heart was beating like a scared coinín. He didn't get another word out as Faelan pulled him close, the life-giver capturing his lips again. Solas let out a low moan, he clung to his mate. He tried to pull himself closer as the kiss deepened.

Solas followed Faelan in a daze as the life-giver led him into the apartment; his eyes scanned the area only to land on Bairre, who was holding Cahir. With a low growl, Solas pulled away with the intent to leave the apartment.

"Faelan?" Bairre asked quietly.

"Where are you going?" Faelan reached out to grab his mate's arm.

"Back to the council, to tell them you've found someone else," Solas tried to yank his arm away.

Faelan moved so he was standing between Solas and the door. Solas glared at him, before he glanced back at Bairre. He could feel the tears and anger that wanted to explode; he took a step forward only to see that Faelan was not going to move. Turning back around he saw that Bairre had come closer; the life-bearer still looked confused.

"I want to leave," Solas crossed his arms as his eyes settled on his son; the child was looking back at him. Solas' eyes widened when Cahir let out a wail and threw himself at him. Solas barely caught the baby, surprised when Cahir buried his face into his neck and calmed.

Solas held tightly to his son as he slowly sank to his knees. He pressed his cheek against the baby's soft hair. He didn't know what was said between his mate and the other life-bearer. All he knew was that he wanted to hold his son for a bit before he had to let him go again.

"Solas," Faelan leaned down and scooped his mate up.

Solas stiffened slightly, but relaxed when Faelan sat down on the sofa. He kept his attention on Cahir, still not believing he was holding his son. He looked up when he felt Faelan's fingers under his chin. He met his mate's eyes, a small frown on his face. Solas tried not to pull away at the first touch of lips, but pulled back slightly to look up at Faelan. When the man kissed him again, he relaxed under the life-giver's mouth. After a bit he was completely relaxed.

"He needs to be put to bed," Faelan shifted.

"No, please, he's fine," Solas tried to wiggle out of Faelan's arms; he didn't want to give up the child, not knowing when he'd get the chance to hold him again.

"He needs to sleep, Solas; he hasn't slept well in two months," Faelan stood, taking his mate and son with him. Setting Solas on his feet, he led the boy towards the baby's room.

"I'll just hold him quietly," Solas glanced up at Faelan before looking at Cahir again.

"Solas," Faelan said softly.

He reached out to gently life the baby from Solas' arms, to lay Cahir in his cradle. Solas reached out to touch his son, letting his fingertips run over his head as the baby settled into sleep. He glanced up when he saw Faelan was watching him, Solas looked down at Cahir.

"Solas," Faelan said again as he reached for the boy's hand. Dropping his eyes, Solas let Faelan lead him from the room, he felt his heart clench but hoped he'd be able to see and hold his son again. He looked up surprised when Faelan led him into the master bedchamber.

"But…" Solas started as he took a step back.

"Mine," Faelan growled low as he stalked his mate.

"You don't…" Solas trailed off as Faelan grabbed the back of his head. He was pulled close, his lips captured in a brutal kiss. He let out a moan, a shiver escaping him as he felt his shirt slip from his body.


Faelan looked down at his mate, his eyes going to the mark he had made so long ago. He had missed Solas terribly over the past two months, had nearly panicked when Réalta had called, not sure what was wrong. But when he had stepped off the transport and was informed that Solas wanted to annul the bond he had wanted to kill someone.

But then he got his first look at his mate and his heart had clenched. Solas was pale and way to thin, he knew then that they needed each other, that they were much better together than apart. He put Solas onto the bed, crawling up to capture the boy's lips again, shifting he slipped down to cover his mark.

"Faelan please," Solas whispered as he shifted. "I can't do this."

Faelan pulled back to look at his mate, he didn't smell fear from the boy, but he saw something in Solas' face. "You can do this."

"Faelan," Solas twisted slightly, a groan escaping him as Faelan pulled off his pants and underpants. "I can't be left again."

"Not going to leave you," Faelan leaned to kiss one pale shoulder, he inhaled deeply. He had missed how his mate smelled, how he tasted.

"You had another life-bearer in your apartment," Solas let his head bury in the pillow.

"It was just Bairre," Faelan reached out his hand to slowly slide it down Solas back to the gentle swell of the boy's ass.

"I know who he is, he's who you should have mated," Solas whispered out.

"No he's not," Faelan let his lips follow the same trail his hand had taken; he could smell arousal on the boy and nearly smiled.

"Then Alastar," Solas closed his eyes tightly as he felt Faelan pause.

"Alastar was my fulaing," Faelan stated softly as he nuzzled the back of the boy's neck. He let on finger slip into Solas' cheeks; he let one finger rub over the puckered opening. Faelan pressed against the opening, pulling a low moan from his mate. "I should have explained, I should have insisted that you move back to my bed the second you woke up. I shouldn't have ever let you leave."

Faelan let his fingers press deeper into his lover's opening. A moan escaped him as the tightness squeezed his finger. He leaned until his lips were against the back of Solas neck. "I never should have mourned what was lost; I should have rejoiced that you were still alive and that we could rebuild what was lost."

He moved back so he could remove his clothing, his eyes moving over Solas' body. His lover was still laying on his stomach, the boy watching him. Moving back towards Solas, he turned him over before he settled between pale things. Meeting sandy-tan eyes he paused.

"Did you really mean it?" Solas asked as he reached out to grab onto Faelan's shoulders.

"Every last word," Faelan shifted again, moving to line his erection up to Solas' prepared opening, pushing in Faelan had to close his eyes against the feeling. Once he was completely seated he opened them to watch Solas. "You are my heart and soul."

"Oh," Solas wound his arms tighter around Faelan's neck. "Please."

Faelan smiled as he started to thrust, leaning he gently kissed his mate's lips. He loved the sounds he pulled from his lover. Shifting slightly he knew when he'd hit Solas' sweet spot when the boy let out a loud cry. He knew he wasn't going to be able to last; being in his mate again was just too good. Reaching down he encircled Solas' hard cock, stroking in time with his thrusts.

"Faelan!" Solas cried out.

Faelan clenched his teeth as Solas tightened around him, another three strokes and he was filling the life-bearer with his completion. Coming to rest against him, Faelan took a deep breath.

"I love you," Solas whispered, the boy's eyes were wide and scared.

"You don't know all I've done," Faelan said just as quietly as he slowly pulled out. He shifted to his side before he reached for something to clean them up with.

"I don't care," Solas reached out. "I know you killed the man who hurt me, that the hunter in you couldn't let him live. I also know there is an animal in you that comes out when you're angry or hurt, but you control it."

"You know about hunters?" Faelan had assumed that Solas had learned about it after they had mated. He hadn't realized that Solas knew he was a hunter. "How did you know I was one?"

"The mark," Solas reached up to touch it, a smile on his face. Faelan smiled back, reaching out to pull the boy close. A few seconds later he heard his son start to fuss. "I can get him."

Faelan nodded; he watched as Solas slipped a robe on before leaving the room. With a grin Faelan stared up at the ceiling. He couldn't stop the grin that found his face, for the first time since finding out Solas was taken he felt at peace. He looked over as Solas carried the baby into the room.

"That's the calmest I've ever seen him," Faelan observed as Solas slipped back into the bed. "He missed you."

"He did?" Solas looked up at Faelan before he snuggled into the hunter's arms.

"He did," Faelan smiled as he moved to pull the robe from his lover's body. Solas grinned back as he let Faelan settle Cahir onto his chest before he snuggled back into the life-giver's side.

Faelan flipped the light off, a grin found his face as the two madras slowly slinked into the room, he saw Solas glance at the animals as they too settled into the bed, but the life-bearer only smiled and snuggled back. With one last kiss to Solas' and Cahir's forehead the hunter settled in to find much needed sleep.

Everything was finally right.

The End.

A/N: thank you for sticking out the third installment in the Garnet series. I know a lot of you feel that maybe Faelan didn't get his comeuppance, or that I let him off a little too easy. The fact is, sometimes the getting back together part should be easy and both he and Solas had suffered enough. There were things left out, the implant and the Tearc, but believe me, all that will be dealt with behind the scenes. Actually, Réalta never let the Tearc be transferred, and Faelan didn't want it either and Dragan is still with Solas. So no worries there! Thanks again!