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Chapter 1

"Come on, Lisa! Hurry up, the man is waiting for us!"

"Calm down, Kim." A short haired blond woman rolled her eyes impatiently. "It's not like he's not going to be there if you arrive a few minutes late." Lisa Sanders said, as she got out of a grey car.

"But I want to make a good impression!"

"Honey, you make a good impression to every guy, every night." Lisa answered to her friend, Kimberly Roberts. Then, she smiled and looked up at her.

Kimberly Roberts is a responsible twenty two year old woman, who works, studies and takes care of her younger, seventeen year old sister Sidney. Her parents had died two years ago in a car accident, so she had ended up taking care of her sister, otherwise she'd have to go to a foster home, until she'd be old enough to be on her own. Still this young, Kimberly had bills to pay, as well as everything she and her younger sister needed, and Kimberly knew money didn't fall from the sky. So, she got a job a few months after her parents' death.

Today, Kimberly and Lisa were going to see a house, which was closer to college, Sidney's school and her workplace. Besides, she was sick of living with her aunt.

She'd talked to the owner of the house and they'd scheduled a meeting for today. The house was located in front of a park and the man had said it was big enough, which was good, of course.

"It looks nice." She stated, as her eyes watched the well treated house, sighting a dark haired man standing in front of it.

"Good afternoon. I'm Jake Dekker." The young man said when both women finally reached him, with no smile to offer, though. Lots of thoughts ran through her mind, right away. The man didn't appear to be old; he seemed to be less than twenty-five years old... "With whom did I speak yesterday?"

"With me." Kimberly raised her hand, and the man's dark green eyes gazed at her mysterious grey eyes.

He watched her from bottom to top, noticing her long and waved, shining red hair, falling through her shoulders and back. She was used to those looks, gazes, though his dark green eyes immediately pierced through her silver eyes and not focusing on her curvaceous body, which she was used to have it as the centre of attention of men's hungry eyes. The sun light made her tanned skin glow, which contrasted with the white and simple halter top she had, along with the tight jeans.

"I thought you were older." Jake finally said.

"I thought the same." She didn't think she would meet such a younger man.

It was her turn to gaze at him. Although she rarely did this – she was used to find handsome men in her job – she couldn't help but to not take her eyes off his extremely attractive, and at the same time cold, face. His dark green eyes pierced though her easily, cutting through her skin. He shared just the same skin colour, though he had dark brown hair, chin-length. Of course, though he wore clothes, his shirt was tight around his chest and stomach, making her notice how tamed his tall body was, as well as his large and strong arms revealed such discovery.

"Right. Well, here's the thing." He went to down to business immediately, "I didn't think you were this young, I thought you were an older woman, a lot older."


"What I mean is that we might have a problem." Good, he was straight and didn't make her lose any time. "I live here with a friend of mine and we were hoping to find a nice and old lady that wouldn't mind living with two young men."

"Why didn't you explain any of this on the phone?" He hadn't told her he lived there! Along with another friend of his! Living with two young men was something she did not predict or wanted to! "What kind of woman do you think would accept to live with two men, all alone?"

Fuming, she turned at her friend, who stood at her side. Before she could open her mouth to say something, her friend said first, guessing her thoughts, "Kim, you can't. This is the only house you can afford and it's good for you and your sister."

She didn't answer right away. Her best friend was right. Her salary wasn't that good enough and she couldn't afford a house that big; without anyone there at the price she was ready to pay every month.

Grabbing her arm, Lisa turned at the handsome man, "Give us a minute, Jake." Then, she pushed her a few meters away from the green eyed man and started, "Kim, just try, ok? If you don't like it, we'll find a new one but, right now, you don't have a place to go."

"I know but..." She sighed, "Living with two guys? What about Sid?"

"Honey, you know how to take care of guys." Kimberly understood what Lisa said. She was used to taking care of guys that crossed the line. Besides, this one didn't seem like a pervert or something... Well, she didn't know him, anyway... Maybe, she'd give him a chance, just like Lisa had told her... If it didn't work, she'd look for another house.

There, it was decided.

"So, here's the deal." Kimberly started, as she stood in front of the young man, named Jake, once again. "I know the house has two more rooms, so you two can't enter our bedrooms. I hope neither of you will do any tricks on us, like walking in the bathroom while we're taking a bath or something, understood?"

"Yes, boss." He said sarcastically, an amused smile crossing his lips.

"When can she move in, then?" Lisa asked, her arms crossed at her chest, though she had a smile in her face.

"Right now and if you want, my friend and I can help you."

"No, thanks." Kimberly said, decided, "Lisa and I can handle it. Tonight, we'll be already in the house."

With that said, no more words were traded.

That was just the beginning.

After spending the entire afternoon moving their things to the new house, they were all tired. Lisa was still there when both Sidney and Kimberly decided to take a bath as both men were having dinner alone in the nice, big kitchen. When they were all finished, it was Kimberly's, Sidney's and Lisa's turn to have dinner.

She liked the house. It was nice, even though there were two men living with them. There were only three rooms, a room to each person. But that left one out, Jake, until he explained that his bedroom was downstairs, in the basement. He also wanted them not to enter his room without permission and, of course, Kimberly told him the same and gave them all her warnings about things they should not do, now that one woman and a teenager lived with them.

At 10 PM, it was time for Kimberly to go to work.

"Lisa," She started, "Take care of my sister for me. Be careful with those two." She said, warning her best friend, at the same time her eyes were on her watch. She had asked Lisa to stay in her new house for a few hours, while she went to work. She didn't want to leave her sister alone on their first night there. Not when she had no clue if those guys were some kind of perverts or not.

"Of course, Kim. Actually, she's in the living room, talking to Tom." Lisa revealed. Tom was the other guy that also shared the house. He was twenty-three years old, like Jake but, unlike Jake, he seemed nicer. A lot nicer, actually, though he didn't have the same beauty as Jake. Tom had black hair, brown eyes, a tall body, though it wasn't as muscled as Jake's was.

They walked to the spacious living room which had huge windows that led to a big balcony, while inside there were two beige couches in the middle, in front of a huge plasma TV.

"Sid, I have to go to work, so be good, ok?" She said loud enough for her sister to hear.

The long blond haired teenager looked over her shoulder and Kimberly was able to see how different both of them were. While Kimberly was a red haired, with gray eyes and tanned skin, Sidney, her seventeen year old sister, had blond hair, ocean blue eyes and brighter skin. "Yeah, I can take care of myself."

"That's what bothers me. Anyway, I really have to go, if you need anything, just ask Lisa Have a good night." With that said Kimberly turned around and left her sister in the living room with Lisa.

Then she walked up to the door and before her hand could even touch the doorknob, she heard at her left, "Tell me, Kimberly, in what do you work, at this hour of the night?" It was Jake's deep voice. She sighted him leaning on the corridor wall that led to the big kitchen.

"That's none of your business, Jake. Good night." And with that, she opened the door, ready to exit, though she still heard his last words and saw an amused smile one his face before closing the door. "Good night."

After looking in his dangerous green eyes one last time, Kimberly closed the door and finally left the house, ready to go to work.

Unlocking her grey car, Kimberly got in and after five minutes, she was parking on a sidewalk, in front of this bar with blinking yellow and red lights.

She walked towards it, hurrying inside. She looked around and saw that it wasn't full, yet. Only a few guys were there, watching the semi-naked strippers. Finally, she went to her left side and stopped in front of this huge man. It was the bodyguard of the strippers' room. "Hey Carl."

"Hello, Kim." He gave her a smile, though he never smiled when in the strip club. He didn't want to let the other hungry men see how nice he actually was, tough his physical aspect told them otherwise. His tall, large and tamed body could scare the hell out of anyone.

Kim smiled back, and the man stepped aside to let her in.

She immediately saw about ten girls – it wasn't full, as well – and waved to every single one of them. They were all mostly blond, full of makeup and wearing some very skimpy piece of clothing and, sometimes just wearing underwear, since it was practically the same thing.

"Its about time, Kimberly!" It was a man's voice, which Kimberly recognized right away as being the voice of her short boss.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Bob. I had to move in to my new house. I told you like two days ago."

"As long as this doesn't happen again, I'm fine with it. Anyway, hurry up and get ready. It's your turn in half an hour." Bob was this tiny little man with no hair at all. He was the owner of this place.

After saying that, Bob left the lounge and Kimberly walked towards the place where the women could change clothes without anyone watching them, like Bob or Carl, though they knew they weren't like the pervs that came here.

Fifteen minutes later, Kimberly was ready.

A different woman came out of there.

She walked to the door at her right, leading to the central stage of her workplace.

"Good luck tonight." One of the newbie said.

"I don't need luck." She replied coldly, embracing her different personality, the moment her ten inches heels touched the first step that would guide her to the pole in the centre of the stage.

As soon as her hands grabbed the silver pole, all the men's attention was focused on her laced, black mini top, practically a bra, showing almost every part of her perfect breasts and her sexy, mini laced black panties, which showed off her glowing thighs and legs... which left the men dreaming about having her in bed.

The moment she started dancing around the pole, offering men seductive looks, she was no longer Kimberly Roberts.

She was just a beautiful woman... working as a stripper.

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