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One, time you said I wasn't meant for you!
Too, many things that I didn't do!
Three, seconds and I'm buried alive!
For, your self-belief;
I'm dead inside!

If it's, so hard to live?
Why is it so simple to die?
If the truth is so pure,
Why speak nothing but lies?
Tear out my beating heart because loving you is a nightmare!
Gouge, my eyes so I don't see you not there!

Five, fingers balled into a fist!
Six, times or more we never kissed!
Seven, fucking teardrops that stain the page!
Ate, my feelings,
All I know is rage!

It's so hard to live!
I just wanna die!
The truth don't have to be pure,
So much easier to lie!
Shoot me, in the heart cause loving you is a nightmare!
Gouge, out my eyes so I can't see you, not there!

Nine, god damn nights I haven't slept!
Ten multiple occasions I have wept!
Eleven emotions thrown into a blender!
Twelve ways to scream this sweet surrender!
Thirteen's just a fucking lucky number!
Fourteen days that I can't remember!
Fifteen years, I haven't lived.

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