(Tell me why I steam my face
When tears are just going to fall down

Strip me down and crush me
I want to deal with this swollen headache

But first I have to
Cry over losts and founds

I didn't want to wake up
To drowned eyes


Maybe this city was built for the wasted
Who don't want to wake up

Bless the thorns on the
Forlorn plants and flowers
Because they live under the sun
Like you
And like me
But I am simply creating something
Out of pain

Tears fall
And the sleeping lose will
Because I am not there anymore
But I still wear
Over theres

And one day they will piece togather
All of my loose ends and threads
So they hover on my legs
And my hair brushes their forehead

We were born to taste
Acid in our mouths
That is all
And we spit it out
Our rotten insides
Until the core
Cannot be washed with
Steam and free nature

They did not even ask what
Made her shed
Those hourly tears

She can trick unknowing spectators.

It was almost symbolic
That a single magpie
Flew today to my feet.