"She's gonna blow"
The cry echoes around
Running feet
Running people
Running running
Run around

"Pressure rising,
she's unstable"
Gotta flee
Gotta escape
Gotta gotta
Get away

"Temperature going
Through the roof"
Tensing up
Tensing muscles
Tensing tensing
Tense to run

"Get outta here
while you still can"
Never pause
Never look back
Never never
Never think

"Too late, God have
mercy on our souls"
Begging help
Begging mercy
Begging begging
Beg forgiveness

"We'll never get out
alive" the cry sounds
Pleading age
Pleading ignorance
Pleading pleading
Plead for life

"Put your head between your
legs and kiss your..."
goodbye friends
goodbye fam'ly
goodbye goodbye
good people.