See Who I Am

He walked down a dark road
In fear of their voice
Cowered in a dim corner
Their words would command;
He tried to make them see
The pain he's put through
It all went unheard
He tried once more but was ignored.

All he could do was smile
As they tried to put him down
Was it worth his happiness,
That he had to leave behind?
He knew it could change
He would make them see
It would take a leap of faith
The chance to start again.

He said to himself at night
'Tomorrow is a new day,'
But his fear tormented him
Made him hold back and stay
Although there were those that knew
There would those who would assume
He went for truth but lead a lie.

He was never forgiven for the choice he'd made
For the people silenced by his words
It was a curse he held inside;
With those who could heal
There were those who could hurt
He could never tell if his choice was right,
But if it came from his heart
It could not be denied.

So many stories he head from the world
Those like him destroyed out of hate
They didn't understand, how it felt deep inside
Their fear was their power, burning on strong
It pushed him to hiding
Retreating from a world that didn't know
Things would stay that way
Until they opened their eyes.

It was his greatest fear
To be hated for who he was and nothing more
Never be accepted by those too afraid to care
He hid away his secrets until the time was right
Until the world came to accept his truth
He defined himself; there'd be no more tears
There'd be no more blood and no more fears.