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Our behind-scenes critic takes a look at the first week of school

First week back at school and it is already turning into a mess. Of course, this would be due to the disastrous leadership and lack of initiative taken by the leaders of our school. Yes, it maybe the first week of school only, but who really expects leaders to have a break? They're there for a reason: to improve our school and make it more efficient. Such as the cultural department. Last year, we had a choir that none other rivaled. And all the members were already selected by the first week. The question being, do you think that a little backroom tryst between a few key people, namely one, is really going to improve our school? The cultural department is going to have a wonderful productive year by fostering interpersonal relationships.

I literally stumbled across the discovery of Riordan Maxwell and Jenna Donald at it, because I happened to walk into the wrong room. It was Thursday after school and we had just finished our student newspaper meeting. I had kindly volunteered to photocopy the graphic design team's new layout when I accidentally opened the door to an empty classroom. Don't ask me how I managed to get the doors mixed up. But, when I opened the door, it was basically the front seats to a hook up. Not exactly pleasant, though I'm sure almost all the female population of the school would disagree. This is of course, taking into account that Riordan Maxwell was kissing someone else. But, because Riordan happens to be relatively good looking, all the girls wouldn't really mind watching him hook up with someone else.

I lie. He is in fact incredibly handsome and despite people thinking that people can't possibly be good looking and intelligent at the same time, Riordan is the only one who breaks the stereotype. With his tall, lean figure and bright aquamarine eyes, it's only natural that girls are attracted to him. This inevitably causes him to changes girls like Jenna Donald changes hair colour (this week it happens to be blonde).

There are stories that circulate frequently about the school, as gossip does have a habit of doing, that Riordan does get drunk at parties. What isn't so widely known; is that these parties happen over the summer holidays, which everyone knows, is equivalent to nothing at all. A pity his brain cells aren't ruined by his binge drinking in the holidays. His intelligence combined with the fact that he is the prefect of arts makes him think that his word is tantamount to that of a king's.

After staring for an abrupt moment, I closed the door and left for the photocopier which was on the other side of the corridor.

So, I'm Evelyn. I have opinions, which no one hears, except when I get worked up enough during debates. That's due to the fact that most think people with glasses and a book in their hands don't have a spine. It's a good thing that my best friend Sam Chase is the editor of the student run newspaper, and so she allowed me to have an anonymous column where I can vent all my opinions. The downfall being, that if I write an article about someone, she demands that she knows who I am talking about. She's the only person who knows I'm the Critic. It's a nice arrangement seeing as people will come running after me with pitchforks as soon as they know who my alter ego happens to be.

Same wasn't too happy about the subject of my article this week, seeing as she has a crush on Riordan. Such a shame, because Jamie, the leader of the newspaper layout has had a thing for her since intermediate, and he's too scared to tell her how she feels. However, the best thing about Sam is that she won't let her personal opinions influence what is put in the newspaper. That's good, because I happen to have a very strong opinion against Riordan and his arrogance, and it's about time people knew what a prick he is.