I'm still here

You wore me down and broke me

Made my body shake and choked me

Scared me and hurt me

But still I stand here

Maybe not okay

And maybe a mess from everything you've done to me

But I'm still here, looking you in the eyes today

Your hated me and laughed at me

Made me feel so small

Threw insults at me, destroyed my self control

Gave me death threats and made me feel like crying

But I'm still alive

Maybe with a few extra scars and memories I could live without

And maybe I'm not the best I've ever been

But I'm still here getting on with my life.

You threatened me and made me feel worthless

Called me names, and fought against me having friends

Played on my insecurities, no self confidence

But I'm still alive

I may not be able to sleep at night

And I need security to know when I'm right because of the stuff you put me through

But I'm here standing on my own two feet today

I cried myself to sleep for years

I was scared to come to school because I couldn't cope with another day

I tried to take my life; I thought that I deserved everything

I couldn't talk to people, I had no life left

This wasn't my fault

I'm still scared to show how I feel

Even though I know what you have done is wrong

I'm still scared to come to school because I don't know how to face it

But I'm standing up for what I believe

And I know that what you did was wrong

I'm standing here to tell you all

That you are the ones that don't deserve to die not me

You're the ones that deserve the hatred not me

You're the ones that deserve everything you did to me

Not me

Thanks to you

I'm still scared to go outside my house; I'm still scared to make new friends

But I'm here


Telling you all to get a life!

Or to go head butt a bullet…it's your choice