I am the Oak

Would you sing a little song for me?
Would you cry a little tear for me?
Would you kneel for me,
So I can touch your delicate face
Oh just one more time.
And I feel good,
I feel great.
It's gone
And now I have been taught;
Just what I am worth,
Worth more than you can give,
Worth more than your breaths of last life,
Because you taught me what disgusting,
Just what disgusting,
Really means.
And It's a hard drive to get up the hill,
But the climb is a lot harder than all you've felt,
And this kiss,
It's no more,
And this hand,
It is no more
And these eyes,
What were they to begin with?
What were you to begin with?
What was I
It's a fool who believe that forever
Is forever
The fool was I,
But I have grown,
I have learned
That you're on your path to your destination
You're gettin' there fast,
And I am on the other side, waiting,
For the sun to soak up my tears
For it is gone
For I am grown
For I am,
I am new
Fools who do not learn are the ones who come last
Fools who fake their way through are beyond last
Fools who learn, those are the fools
The fools who win.
They grow from their seed to their tree.
That small acorn,
It didn't get snatched from a squirrel
(you know, like yours)
It grew into its beautiful bark,
Its strong branches holding up its lovely leaves,
It is the Oak that came from the acorn
I am the Oak, growing to its fate of big and strong
You are the acorn,
Until you are no more