Action, Reaction, Unfixed

You sing it over and over once more,
Ain't got no more worries, you know who's the whore
(She ain't gotta suck dick,
to make it sick)
And I've seen so many faces
Within this dark oasis
You say one thing, mean another,
Feeling something but move on, 'cause nothing is forever
We hear those songs filled with sorrow and despair,
Ear candy for the guilty as we walk the road to nowhere
"I don't know where I'm from, just know where I belong"
And yet still, I haven't found my song
A place to call my own
Even as I pick up the phone,
It's not me,
Or can you not see?
There is no piece of sympathy
And I want nothing but me
Nothing is nowhere,
But I'll take you there

Even while my heart,
Even while my skin,
Feelings, senses - - - all begin to fade away
I wonder, how it got to this, as I begin to sway
Got on this fresh scene, beginning to gain,
But the more I got, the more it fell to pain

We act
But the situations,
They're unfixed.