Bodies, Passing in the Night

He hits bars for two things,
which are women and alchohol
(poisioning, that is, not in any
particular order but mostly
in one sweet package
whereas she mostly comes
for the show.

She is the show,

and by show she means
not girl. No candy stripes
for this classy broad;
she prefers something in
'hey baby could you check my bump'
without taking off a thing.
She curves her way up easy,
thumbs, and

anything else she gets her hands on.

Oh god yes, of course
she has a great ass
but that's not what he's watching.
He's staring much too hard
at her heartbeat.

Hoping it will slow.

Maybe sometimes,
but, kind of like the jukebox
she always gets back
(up again, that is).
Rumor has it
if you shake her just so,
the next dance might be free.


it's one of her more
endearing qualities.
He kind of likes that in a woman,
but not enough
to forgive her flaws.

Mostly the heartbeat.

AKL 3/07