I sit on my own, my mind wandering, dreaming,
I can see all the children running and screaming
But my mind's eye doesn't see them play
It's gone to a place far, far away

Anything is possible here
The solutions to problems are visible and clear,
For problems are challenges enjoyably solved
And issues don't last long, they're quickly resolved.

Noone is judged, but merely assessed
And each has a chance to be at their best.
There are no hateful tasks which must be done
And all that we do turns out to be fun.

There is no violence and no disease;
My world is safe from such as these
It's entrance is guarded by a magical charm
Which keeps its inhabitants from suffering harm.

We are safe
We are warm
We are a family
We are home
We are healthy
We can eat
And we don't live in fear
Cos noone can hurt us here
And I never fear
They can't touch me here.

They call me a loner
They say I am strange
They wonder what happened
They know I have changed
But they have stopped searching
And wondering why
I have retreated
Into my mind's eye.

Let me stay here
Leave me alone
It's safe and its happy and I feel at home
And I can run wild
And just be I child
I'll live in my mind's eye till I die
For in my mind's eye there's no fear
Noone can touch me here.