What are the chances? The chances that you know that man? girl? woman? boy? They are slim...The chances that you have interacted with them some way humanly are high. For instances that young lady who works in the deli could be your cousin's friend's neighbor's best friend's sister and you would never know it. Somehow though every human links with every other human and the most complicated tangle ways that it seems everybody you don't know "personally" is a stranger. Is there really as such word as stranger? It comes from the root word strange which is weird because the new people you meet aren't always strange. Basically, I'm babbaling on and on but I personally think everybody knows (interacts is the word I'm just trying to have a pun/ironic type thing) everybody and they just don't know it...If you know what I mean :)

A/N- I hope you enjoy, It is kind of short and might make you think,,Who knows?!?! By some sort of weird cousin's brother's neighbor's best friend's kind of thing I could know you :)