I Am Not Pretty

By Elizabeth Board

I am not pretty. I am not real. The lines I cut are now dug into my face. I am aged, I am decayed. My relationships are just as shallow as my beauty. From far away we look close; from far away I look stunning. Once you get closer you see that I don't really love anyone, once you get closer you see that I'm a corpse. I will love you one minute and turn on you the next. I'm animalistic; whatever I do is only for my benefit. What would be the end of the world to other people hardly bothers me while what others would brush off brings me to suicide. I am not as strong as I seem, I don't have it all together. I do stupid shit because it makes me feel like you: shallow and unconcerned. The pills said 'Eat me', the vodka said 'Drink me', and the heart said 'Break me'. And with that, I am everything I hate.