Emmitt, You Smell Like My Destruction
Chapter One: Bang bang, Skittles go BANG.

Me with my boring life and evil master plan. Emmit with his pretty boy haircut, girl jeans and eyeshadow. I'm desperately trying not to fall for the one I'm paying to be my boyfriend.. but damn it! Emmitt, you smell like my destruction. Slash

M for language, adult content and any other goodies I come up with.


It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life-
Wrong. Who ever wrote those lyrics was full of shit.

"William, NOW!" The whiny voice of my step mother engulfs my senses, light flooding in next. My eyes sting like gnomes had jabbed them with sharp needles as soon as they'd opened. I can't help but close them and pull a pillow over my head, bidding the darkness to overtake my world again.

The two words hit me like a bullet and then It comes back to me in a flood. No, I'm not some murderer and the cops are on my ass. I'm not Hitler and I'm not some amazing rock star. I'm William J. Farfeild and my life is the same repetition day after day, until I explode.. or I'm taken off to the hospital on an attempted (and hopefully successful) suicide.

I lazed my way out of bed, rolling until I fall the small gap and make a rather loud thump on the floor, hitting my head in the process. Damn wood floor. I practically crawled over to the chair near my desk, leaving a trail of sheets and blankets behind as I look for my shoes. I know I kicked them off as per usual, but I can't seem to locate the left.

"Will. I'm not going to say it again!" That stern and feminine voice rang up the stairs and through the wood of my door again while I found myself on the floor for the third time, looking under my bed.. I'm now quite sure that it's found a way into a netherworld.

Utter silence now reigned in my household as I pushed aside a box. BINGO! How the hell did it get under there, anyways? I fell asleep in my clothes again, no need to get changed. I quickly zipped up my hoodie after tying the converse onto my feet. No one would know the difference... Well, maybe Alice, but she won't care.

Ah. That sweet silence. It was the calm before a very bad storm, and I knew it all too well. Still, every second was savored as I slung my backpack over my shoulder and left the solitude of my room to once again spend another worthless day in hell. My venture took me down the stairs and past the kitchen, where Bitch was doing something.

"Bye, Mum." As I walked by the kitchen, I had a fist ready and lifted it up. The only finger to show itself was my middle, flipping my step mother off as I walked by. Shit. That was getting old, but It made me chuckle every time. That face she made, and she almost dropped her mug of caffeine. Fucking priceless.

I left, her protesting words ringing hollow in my ears. I slammed of the door behind me as I began my trudge to school; the bus was not a valid option, the school was just a little ways down the road and I needed the exercise anyways.

I began to rummage through my own thoughts while I scratched briskly at the top of my head, silenced steps taking me quickly down the street. Fingertips inspected the barely-there stubble that I called hair, bringing back memories of the good 'ol days when I had purple hair - another attempt at pissing Bitch off. Although, I've become rather fond of this hair cut and I don't see myself growing it back.

Oh Goody! I can see the hell-hole from here, with it's stupid brick walls and it's stupid flag and stupid sign and over all stupidness. God, I'm angsty today. I have a right to be... I'm sevenfuckingteen, damn it!

As I cross the black pavement I spot a rather large yellow vehicle pulling up and dropping off a load of fucker-... Kids. I don't talk to many people, a few select earn my presence and have the honor of being graced with my voice. First and foremost my girlfriend, Alice.

Wait. Is she my girlfriend? Fuck, it's complicated and I don't want to get into it now. Speak of the devil, she's next getting off the bus as I draw near, giving me a toothy smile before she bounds up and pecks my cheek.

"Guess what." She beamed at me, and it earned the usual.


"I hate you. Now lets go." I couldn't help but chuckle. Sarcasm just dripped from those plush lips and I loved it.

Before I knew it we were half way in the school, pushing by the mob of countless losers, jocks, preps, goths, geeks, punks, fags and any other label you want to slap on there. They all kind of melded together and fit very snugly into my I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck category.

Lockers were our next stop, and I found myself staring at the back of Alice's head while she fixed her eyeliner in a mirror she had tucked away in there.. She was rambling on about something, I think it had to do with her dog, but then again I was not paying any attention.

My mind was wandering as it did so many times. I swear I'm ADD: The doctor says otherwise. I found myself being rushed out of the way by someone who's locker I was leaning against. Since when could girls push so hard? I found myself shoved out into the middle of the hall and flat into the chest of someone who was of similar height.

"Fuck- Sorry."

Yeah, I'm nice like that, hand clinging to the strap of my backpack while I backed off, eyes locked with the one who'd I'd been forced to assault. Gorgeous blue eyes, well, eye: One was covered by a flood of raven bangs. God, I was lost in them. Now I was quite sure they were no ordinary blue, but turquoise.

"S'alright!" He said, as he just offered me a smile looked back down to his paper while he walked off. HE, he walked off. God. Gorgeous eyes. Wait another minute. I've never seen those eyes before. Sure, I'm antisocial and I don't talk to anyone, but I do know every face in the school. Stalker-esque? Never.

"...and then he ran into the door. Such a spazz."

I'd tuned back in to hear the last part of her stint, frozen in place as I looked at where the turquoise-eyed boy had disappeared, hand still fidgeting with the strap of my pack.

"You alright?" She asked, touching my shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go." I was obsessing, trying to place those damn eyes.


I sunk into my chair, setting my pack underneath my little desk-thingy. What the fuck do you call those, anyways? A question to boggle the mind, but it would have to wait. I was busy scheming, once again, about how to piss Bitch off.

Maybe I'd just kill her, that'd be the end of things as we know it. But, then again, I'd be in jail and I'd have no one to torture. Thunk. Something small collided with my temple. It's origin was that of the desk-thing next to me, and Alice.

"Oww. What are you doing?" Of course it had not hurt bad but It was a little shock to my numb brain.

"Open up." She commanded and positioned another red Skittle on her desk.

I did as she told, mouth falling agape while she took aim. "Don't shoot me in the face again, please."

"Silly boy, guns shoot. Skittles go BANG." In mid sentence she'd launched the missile and, with her impeccably good aim, had gotten it to it's goal.

As I chewed the projectile the teacher had already begun addressing the class. I know it's not good, but I zoned out yet again. Mrs. Gregs is really nice and all, but that just made me jealous about how nice she must be to her kids and how happy they must be. That leads to thinking how unhappy I am and how I need a master plan to get Bitch away.

I need a Master Plan.

A good one, so amazing, so hugely over the top that She'll break and run.

I needed- -

"Class, I'd like to introduce you to your new classmate. Say Hello to Emmitt Jones."

- - A Boyfriend.