The World's Like A Stage

The city is swinging on strings tonight

The stars are alive with a bright colored light

The kids in the background are all dressed in black

And the one thing they've learned is to never look back

'Cause the world's like a stage

And the show must go on

Nobody waits for

The things that have gone

The musicians are down in the pit today

Waiting for chances that might come their way

They're playing the music that nobody sees

Searching for glory at each change of scenes

'Cause the world's like a stage

And we're all holding on

To dreams of the spotlight

For glory anon

People in costumes are blinded by light

They lift up their voices to drown the stage fright

The world they inhabit has but two dimensions

The front's full of grandeur, the back no one mentions

'Cause the world's like a stage

And we're all just the players

Hiding behind all these

Masks worn in layers

The audience slowly is filing in

They've done it before and they'll do it again

Escaping their lives in exchange for the glory

Of watching pretenders give life to a story

'Cause the world's like a stage

And we've all paid our dues

Greedily watching

For yesterday's news

The last act has ended, the bows have been made

As the curtain descends all the memories fade

A moment of darkness, then light fills their eyes

They rise from their chairs and they say their goodbyes

'Cause the world's like a stage

And the show doesn't last

A life spent preparing

Will end all too fast