Beauty When Blue

A golden sun drop on snow

A little girl on a swing

A smile dancing with purpose

Yeah, there's a little of everything

On a day like today

Though the clouds are rolling in

Take a deep breath

Please just keep it in

Leave the saltwater behind

It belongs in the sea

Not running down your face

Hurting you and me

Think of the beauty

What makes you find joy?

Is it in the great outdoors

Or in a simple toy?

See the rain

As a refraction of the sun

It's a brilliant rainbow,

Which makes the storm fun

Think of the clouds

As a place of dreams

With fairies and princesses

And platinum streams

And in everything

Try to find the beauty and light

Think of the God

That made the day and the night

Through your trials

Let love paint your heart

A feeling that only God can give

But was not cheap like WalMart

Look through the broken window

See it as rather a gain than a loss

Don't let one trip,

Make Captain Guilt become your boss

Use the pieces in a mosaic

Make something brand-new

Fix the window's insulation

And of course the glass, too

Stain it, make it pretty

It can be better than before

If you renovate wisely

It can definitely be something more

Beauty is all around

It's just the perspective that decides

Whether a person will see it,

Or from their eyes will it hide

Sometimes you must dig deep

To find such grand allure

Or look at common things

Some might say, "No der!"

But I won't be that mean

For I need to work on this too

Just remember to look for the beauty

That God created for us when we're blue