Many through the years have wondered whether Ricky Lee is an urban legend or in fact a real human being. I can assure you Ricky Lee is as real as you or me. Ricky Lee is now imprisoned in Outer Mongolia. His story is of humble origins and winds it path with ups and downs. Mostly downers. If we pray hard enough maybe God will allow Ricky to come home. Until then the saga of Ricky Lee now begins.

Chapter One: In Which Ricky Lee is begeted.

In the log country of the Red River valley there lived a two people. Margo and Lucien

Douchard. They had recently settled there to escape the busy city of life of Ottawa the capital of their nation. They had taken up cow, sheep and alpaca farming and wanted to live the easy life of rural folk.

One particular day they had settled in early to watch Life With Bergin when they had heard an eerie cry from the barn. They rushed there to axes in case it was a timber wolf attack but what they found was much different. You see the day before one of their cows was ready to give birth but this was no young calf crying against a large cow. It was a small boy. Margo picked him up and cradled the infant in his arms. She noticed the boy had a dogtag around his neck covered with mud and cow dung. She uncovered it and it read: Ricky Armstrong Young Buck Fifty Cent Jay Zee Jah Rule Marley Bob Farokh Bulsura Paddy McAloon Paul Weller Shaka Khan Lee. They named him Ricky Lee.