she can't see for his fingers, tries to stop but the feeling lingers,

her head, oh, it's reeling, and god, how he's stealing her breath,

in french they call it a little death, but she'll call it like crystal meth,

addiction's all for the best, and his hands wander on her chest

as she arches her back, asking for it like a hit of crack, he breathes,

she breathes, lit up on each other they won't sit, still, it's like

swallowing that little pill, the beauty of the thrill, and half-naked

she feels the chill and sighs, he tries, this love is comprised of

untold lies and something from above, she's anything but that,

her bones showing for lack of fat, and she's blind for his touch,

kind to his lust, let him in without trust, gets him high and

when they hit sky it's another sigh, oh, reeling, she dies a

little death and her breath, it's just like crystal meth, 'cause he's

addicted to her spit, he's lit up by her lips, finds pleasure in skin,

she lets him have her sin, won't ever stop, the feeling lingers,

she's blind for his fingers, she tries and tries until she's

crashed in his arms, trashed and all his, died every death to die.