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Summery- Oliver doesn't know what hits him when his sister Karee brings home a male exchange student form Korea. The fact that the form ask for your sexuality preference didn't help much either, Karee had interests in both but also had a Girlfriend. Srea was everything that Oliver wanted but at the same time hated what would he tell Alex what would Alex tell Oliver.

Music- Superchick-courage, panic- these tables are numbered, Se7en-La la la

The Exchange

Chapter One

"When did he become such a jerk" I said to my self slamming my door behind me, I remember it the day that I found out the Karee had and exchange student from Korea. There I was leaning against the door frame of Alex's house, I took off on Friday after school and also skipped Monday. Karee had said that she had something important to tell me but I ran off trying not to be late getting to Alex's, we had a dinner date so I told her she could tell me on Monday, she huffed something but I didn't catch it and continued running to my car. Alex walked down his stairs smiling me at the door, he gazed upon me with a smile causing me to blush.

"Why do you insist on dressing like an Emo hottie, because you look very Very tap able right now" Alex smiled. I looked down I was in my black baggy fuck the main stream pants chains hanging from all sides and my tight black tee that clung to my abs cutting off high on the arms. My hair was black and spiked with a red streak running from the right side fanning out in the back ending off a little to the left side also at back, my green eyes had always been complimented on and I loved how they seemed to stop people in their tracks. Alex stood in slightly baggy jeans and a lose gray tee with VK rocks across it with swirls of color around it, his hair was long but short at the same time and brown to match his eyes. He loved VK but never dressed it when we went out, me on the other hand loved VK and also loved to dress it, my eyes were lined with black and my lips had a dark but not noticeable unless your really looking color of lip gloss on and my nails were also black and cropped short. I had a bracelet from Alex on my left wrist and a half-heart necklace with sister on it with Karee's name on the back, she of course had the other half.

"So are we going to go, or are we going to just stand here all night" Alex stated with another smile reaching for my hand, his fingers laced with mine as he pulled me to my car. It had four doors and was black with two dragons running up the sides, on the back it had a Korean symbol for love and in the corner it said I love Se7en who I absolutely did. Alex got jealous one time because it said that so we painted his name in small on the front right corner, I let his hand drop as I went around to the driver's side and got in. Alex sat next to me while I turned the key and pressed play on my stereo, Se7en's La La La came on….

Say la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la

Singing for me now

Say la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la
la la la la la

I grabbed the floor shift and pushed it up to drive, pulling out of his driveway, I placed one hand on the arm rest beside my seat and turned up the music….

I know nunmullo jichin apeun nemame
gipeun sangcheo sok ane
geuga itttan geol algi-e
I know geojitttwen sumanheun promise
geuman mitkko barabodeon yeorin neo-ege
neol ulligo geuga tteonadeon nal
neol wirohaettteon bam
naega haettteon mal gi-eokhae
jeo haneure maengsehae neol jikyeojulkke
yeh baby girl

I could feel Alex's lacing our fingers together again as his hand slid into mine, I glanced over to him catching his brown eyes. He smiled slyly and turned to look out the window as I watched the road a smile on my face as well.

"Alex? Are you ok, you look kind of distant" I stated glancing at him before returning my gaze to the road. He turned his head to me with another sly smile, his eyes seeming a little sad.

"Yeh" he sighed looking out the window again, "just thinking about something" he let my hand fall as we pulled up to the restaurant. He began to step out but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back in lightly pressing my lips to his, he seemed shocked at first but relaxed in my grasp his arms slinking around my neck. I pulled back and smiled at him, gaining one of his real smiles that I only saw every now and then.

"What was that for" he asked letting go of my neck with a blush.

"Well you seemed upset and I thought, maybe he needs a kiss" I smiled opening the door.

"Thanx" he replied shutting the door. We walked to the door and I held it for him as we walked through and got our table. We were seated in a both in the far corner, the waitress approached us with a smile her black hair held up in a bun her top was white and she had black pants on with a white apperon over top. Her eyes were blue and her form was very muscular, she looked really familiar walking up to us, when she stopped I knew who she was, and I knew she was overly muscular because I had walked in on her and Karee once.

"Why hello beautiful" she said with a large smile.

"Cora" I replied with a small smile back, she looked over to Alex who was watching me then back to me. "Is this the one you like" she lipped to me from behind him with a slight point. I only nodded in response as she took on her normal posture.

"So Oliver who is this?" she asked with a bigger smile, I swear I shouldn't have been able to grow more but it did.

"Alex this is Cora, Karee's Girlfriend, and not in the friend way…." I trailed of as he smiled to her and back to me.

"Well that's a relief, for a second there I though you might be cheating on me" he said his smile growing for the first time that day. My face dropped as did hers, I paled as his face went back to his sad state he was in the car.

"Hell no, I really don't find guys attractive, although his and Karee being twins dose make him quite attractive. But no I have a commitment to Karee and I love her to death, ask Oliver he knows, he saw" her smile returning. I swear my face turned redder then anything that is red as he laughed.

"Is that so, and how did he like that" Alex's voice came out with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well he ran off to his room and hid, karee had to go explain, and I didn't get any till later"

"Woh didn't need to know that" I said interrupting her, she just smiled and turned back to Alex.

"Anywho, ya I mean I would be kind of shocked if I ran into my brother doing it with his boy and I didn't know he was gay so I can understand and all, anyway what can I get you guys" she asked looking from both of us.

"Ill have the special and an ice-tee" I said turning to Alex, "oh and a physiatrist please my twin's in love with a psycho" I said under my breath gaining a glare from her.

"Watch it boy or ill tie u up and make u watch next time" she hissed in my ear as Alex giggled.

"Ill have the Veil and a coke please" he said a smile present on his face, I gave him a ill-get-you-latter-you'll-see glare and he ran his foot up and down my leg, without the slightest hint it was happening. Cora just smiled and walked off, he turned back to me with a smile.

"Did you really think I would cheat on you" I stated looking away, to the table.

"Come on Olie…. Would I really think that, think about it" he said reaching out and placing his hand on mine. I looked up meeting his eyes with a sly smile, he ran his hand up and down mine slowly in a soothing manner.

"No im sorry it's just, well you looked really sad coming over hear, and then you said that and…." I trailed off feeling tears coming to my eyes. Alex's hand was on my face running his thumb under my eye, his brown ones calming me.

"Don't worry about that I was just thinking about something not about you or anything like that, I took you and I know how you feel, I know your interests and I know you like that back of my hand" he said back with a small smile. "Now let make the best of this weird turn out, and be happy or else" he pulled back his nails running smoothly on my skin as Cora brought our drinks.

"So Oliver, Karee has been worried about where you've been, your cell is off and no one picked up and Alex's as I now know is a guy, Sorry Alex, anywho she wants you home tonight ok" Cora's voice was so calm and happy, no wonder Karee liked her so much she was this always willing to do anything for you kind of person. Cora smiled and walked away leaving us alone again, I sat there thinking about everything that had gone down so far why was Alex acting so weird, maybe he was going to brake up with me, or maybe he doesn't like guys anymore. My mind went crazy I didn't even see Cora come up with our food until it was being placed in front of us, I backed up and let her place the food in front of me and I thanked her with a smile as she left, once again alone with the love of my life, while he acts like he's lost.

I drove up into my drive way and shut off the engine, I rested my head back against the seat. I have no idea what going on with Alex he's never been like this before. But when it comes to showing me affection he's fine its just he seems so distance.


We pulled into his driveway and I killed the car, Alex turned to me with a smile as I felt my heart sink.

"Goodnight Olie, sleep well and stop worrying about me ok" Alex's lips pressed to mine in a heated kiss as he nipped at my lip, he pulled back and looked deeply at me.

"How can I not? I love you, and you seem so hurt…… please be careful and sleep well" I replied turning my gaze down his hands pulling it up to place a chase kiss on me.

"No worries… promise me" he said his voice strained in depression, he dropped his hands from my face and opened the door. "Night love" was the last thing he said as he walked into the door, and I drove home, pulling into my driveway.

(End Flashback)

I opened the door and stepped into the rain coming down from the skies, it seems that every time im upset the rain falls. My hair still slightly spiked but my eyes smudged and lip gloss gone, I shut the door of the car and locked it with the buttons on my keys. I walked to the door and unlocked it walking into the dark, the lights upstairs were on and a slight sound of music playing from Karee's room, superchick- courage flowed down to my already sad and throbbing head. I walked up stairs her door was shut so I walked to the door across from it and flicked the lights on. The black walls stained with a blood like splatter but done in maroon, the dresser was black and my bed was lying on ground level with black satin sheets and pillows piled up along the wall. The desk had a black computer with symbols all over it and my school books left when I went to school on Friday then to Alex's, I through my coat in the closet and pulled my soaked top off laying it on the back to the computer chair. I shook the water from my hair and walked to Karee's room, I knocked on the door then opened it, there on the bed was a guy with chin length silver flowing hair, he sat painting his nails black his chest rising and falling slowly. He looked up his eyes dark almost black, glazed over with emotion, courage still playing on repeat he was in baggy white pants hanging low on his hips and a white tank clinging to his slightly wet body. His hair stuck to his face as he looked back down and continued to do his nails, I could hear the shower running Karee must be in and this guy must have just got out. He looked back up a mask now in place hiding his emotions, he seemed a little pissed off that I was standing here watching him.

"Can I help you" his voice a lot higher then I though it would be, but still holding a deep kind of vocal. I felt a hand placed on my shoulder, startling me I jumped turning to see Karee, her black hair hanging to her chin as well with blue streaks through it. Her green eyes seeing through me easily but saying nothing, her top was lose around her muscular form and her black pants were baggy hanging extremely low. I turned around again to see this guy leaning back his abs showing through his overly tight tank.

"Olie, you came home, thank god" her arms were around me before she could finish talking, twins they feel each others feelings well at least we do. "Olie this is Sera, he's from Korea, he's here on exchange for 6 months, Sera this is Oliver my……"

"Twin" he finished with a smile of his own, before rolling over on the bed and reading a Yaoi manga from what I could see.

"What…." I yelled turning to her, "Is this what you had to tell me" I yelled again, stepping back from her Sear turned to me, his face angered……..

"Yes, this is wh………….

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