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Summery- Oliver doesn't know what hits him when his sister Karee brings home a male exchange student form Korea. The fact that the form ask for your sexuality preference didn't help much either, Karee had interests in both but also had a Girlfriend. Srea was everything that Oliver wanted but at the same time hated what would he tell Alex what would Alex tell Oliver.

Italics is when they talk in Korean D

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Chapter 8

Drinks, Galore

We walked through the door as Oliver walked straight to his room, my thoughts wandered a little but I decided not to let it bug me and went back to my dish work. When I left I hadn't been completely done but whatever, I prefer car rides. I stood over the water with a sigh, what had gotten into Olie when he had... I found my hand at my lips quickly shoving them into the now cold water, with a huge splash I finished up with that turning the radio on, Too Much-Spice Girls playing through the stereo. I span singing along to the old music, I put everything where I found it and walked to the couch sitting down as the music played changing to No One- Aly and AJ.

The words echoed through the semi empty house calm yet cunning, I turned with a smile as Olie sat down beside me. His face was blank and sad but his eyes gave everything away, he smelt like chocolate witch I found strangely familiar. The songs shifted again to Hear Without You-3 doors Down, it was Love songs from nine to one, Olie changed his gaze to the floor with a sigh.

"Hey Sera?" his voice whispered into the calm song as it hit the second Verse.

"Yea" I watched him contently as we spoke.

"What would you do?" he looked up tear in his eyes, "If it was you, if this were you" he pointed inwardly at himself with another sigh.

"Olie" I stated placing my hand on his shoulder, as Superchick's Standing in the Rain came on. "If I were you, I'd let everything pass, im sure what you saw was nothing that bad, maybe just a coincidental fall or something, but even so its not your fault and it wont be regardless of what happens… don't stress over it ok" he pushed my hand off and stood pacing the room.

"I don't understand though, why would he cheat, I don't understand… I don't" Oliver fell to his knees on the floor crying I walked over kneeling wraping my arms around him pulling him in as he cried soaking my shirt. He clung to it for dear life as Never Be Another-Adam Gregory flowed into the room, his calm eyes looked into my darker ones as he gently pressed his lips to mine. He pulled back just as quick with a sad glance his face falling to the floor.

You're the light,
That lights my way,

"Im sorry" his low strained voice echoed into the night, scorned gaze finding me then the carpeting again.

On rainy nights,
You're the road that's headed home
When it's bitter outside

I gently placed my hand under his chin pulling it up, he looked so hurt and lost and strange enough his gaze made me want to take it all away. I pulled him up kissing him before he could protest again, his arms encircling my neck our calm kiss seeming to take from the tension.

You're the hand that I hold
When I'm scared of the dark

Oliver pushed back on me our bodies falling to the ground, I slid my tongue into his mouth tasting the same chocolate taste as the smell before, only something more seemed to be mixed in. I pulled away with a smile, I knew that taste to well, the smell like triggering a memory, one of my other relationships.

"I didn't know you smoked Olie" I said calmly watching him breathing not so calm lying on my chest hands under his chin gazing up at me.

"It's a stress reliever" he smiled moving to kiss my neck, I had to think quickly the only thing that could come to memory was that Other drink I bought today.

"Ummmm do you want to try something" I asked quickly, the look in Oliver's eyes said we were Defiantly not thinking the same thing.

"Sure, is it fun" he asked his mood suddenly lightened, one kiss that couldn't have done it. He crawled up me slightly his breath trailing over my lips, he pressed in as I caught the sent. Alcohol, and enough to leave a lingering sent as the Chocolate faded, he had been drinking. I quickly crawled out from under him and danced to the kitchen grabbing the shot glasses, I came back sitting down and asking him to follow suit. I poured us a drink and sat there, Oliver took his with a smile. He smelled at it and the look he got was priceless the strong cinnamon smell made him flinch away, I laughed slightly lifting my glass.

"A toast to a fun dinner and hope for more good days" I clicked my glass downing my drink in one gulp (as your suppose to) Olie just watched it for a while then Downed his. His face cringed at the taste, like eating Fireball candies witch would account for the name can you guess Fireball, I smiled at his face as I poured another.

There'll never ever be another you
I can search my whole life through
It's no use

We got questiony as we did our shots, im mean it wasn't as bad as the ones at dinner but all the same.

"So, How long have you and Alex been together" as soon as I asked it I chocked, "Im so sorry"

"No its ok" he smiled at me turning the liquid in his glass, "A while…" he sighed. "But what does it matter, when you're the one hear… making me feel better" his question flowed out with an innocent look from under his lashes, "Can I ask you something" he asked calmly.

All roads lead me to you
There'll never be another you

You're the first warm breath of spring
When the winter ends

"Yea" I sighed out with a smile downing the drink in my hand Olie following suit.

"If you could…Would you date me" he never looked up as he asked, I stopped pouring the drinks and looked at him.


"Just answer… and finish the drinks please" he interrupted.

"Truthfully… Who wouldn't Olie, you're an Amazing person, but you and Alex belong together" I said pouring the drinks.

You're my secret hiding place
When the world is closing in
You're the rain pouring down
When the well runs dry

"That's not what everyone else thinks" he said chugging the shot, he looked up from his now semi lying position.

"Olie… It's Your life not mine or theirs, if you feel that you belong with Alex then that's who you should be with" I said drinking mine and filling them both back up.

There'll never ever be another you
I can search my whole life through
It's no use

Olie sat up and came closer to me, downing the next drink this had been an extra large bottle and it was already more then half gone.

"So, can I ask another" he said taking the bottle and pouring himself another and handing it back.

"Of Course" was my plain answer as I downed and poured another as well.

All roads lead me to you
There'll never be another you, oh no

Never be another

"Ok…" he stopped to breath, "Just for one night…Would you let me be with you" his question left me startled and lost, my gaze found the floor calmly.

"Olie……" my sighing voice echoed in the now silent house.

You're the rain pouring down
When the well runs dry

"If I was wrong in asking then please…"

"No… you're not wrong Olie, its just…" I stopped to sigh again, "You're with Alex and were both intoxicated, and you're upset… and I just don't want to be the reason…" I said taking time to breath. It's not like I didn't wish for him to say it but, I didn't want him to make a mistake and I don't know why, but Oliver and me, well that's kind of never possible, at least when he's Sober and Happy.

"For what… be the reason for what" he said breaking my thoughts again.

"For…Wreaking your Life, you relationship"

Never be another, be another you
Never be another, oh no

There'll never ever be another you
I can search my whole life through
It's no use
All roads lead me to you
There'll never be another you

Olie crawled to me sliding his hand up my leg, his lips breathing the cinnamon sent on them. The head rush not only from the alcohol running a muck, as he pushed us down pressing his lips once again to mine. His tongue invading my mouth, pressing forcing me to press back, I ran my hand up his back as he kissed me. My thoughts swarmed running back to the night Jake got drunk with me, I shivered at the thought pushing Olie off sitting up placing my head in my hands.

"What? Did I do something" his voice echoed as he sat beside me his arm around me. Funny he should be the one being comforted not me, I should just be happy that he likes me but, how could I do that to anyone. Take advantage of him while he was drunk, as Jake tried, it wasn't worth it I turned to Olie his lips found mine before I could say anything. I pressed up on him, somehow we found the ground again in that short moment.

"Olie, please I don't want to do this, not while we've been drinking please" my voice sounded frail even to myself but he stopped to gaze down at me.

"Sera…" he stopped to see the fear I knew was showing, "Fine…But at least, let me lye with you, I don't want to lose something like you" I smiled, I think I like him better drunk, I smiled again at the thought. Man im hopeless, I just nodded as he laid his head on my chest after pulling a blanket over us. Even though I knew he would be off my chest as soon as he woke up, I wanted the feeling to linger, he looked up at me once more placing a gentle kiss on my lips.

"Tank-you Sera, you're… too much for…words" he sighed off with a yawn falling out in my arms, as said just for the feeling to last.

Never be another you
Oh no
Never be another

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Chapter nine

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