Come, lick the stardust from the blades of grass

That cut your tongue with words you'll never write

That will get caught in your pen and etched into your brain, and will haunt you until morning

Who says morning isn't spelled with a 'u'?

The new glory that comes with the sun?

As if strips away the night you fought so hard to keep

The moments you tied around your fingertips to remember to create memories for them later

As we listened to the chords of your throat matched with his,

Creating lullabies to hang in the still air, to fright us awake hours after,

Reading the survivor accounts of those who escaped Time's clutches,

And holding vigils for them by the light of electronic plasma-

Those fictitious heroes of our timid existences



Throw dimes into the cold crystal depths of that stone-paved steam behind your house

Watching them glint cruelly in the blue-black ink of the sky that holds all of our dreams captive-

Dreams that we pray to fall, like stardust, but are only released in the brief, seldom death of a tumbling vesper,

Down our eyes, an out of our throats in tragic dirges

And we watch the immortality fade from our Beautiful One's face-

Let us watch those dreams together, and combine all twenty-cents worth

For a bigger wish, a better wish

Hold my hand- an oath of forever, and wish into those waters the pulse of the eternal-

Wish for the Moon