Like an angel sewn in black,

It's time I got a sanity check

Nonsense is good enough sense for me

Like picking cherries from an apple tree

Up and away, I can't go wrong

As nonexistent as a raven's song

Even Icarus, phobic of heights

Would gladly fall to see these sights

Inside my head, I can't escape

To find the key to throw back these drapes

If people saw in, like I saw out

Would it determine what I'm all about?

"The time has come," the surgeon said,

"To dissect many things,

Her mind box and her loyalties,

But, mainly, her heart strings."

The jury ruled, the case, it closed,

The evidence the biopsy-

'To pray for vision and read the Truth,'

'Twas the remedy.

One day I'll find a thousand crows,

And around their legs will tie

A thousand orange ribbons that

I can hang on by

I'll raise my voice to fearsome squawk

And I, Autumn's Queen of Crows,

Will rise so high and sweep away,

To where the dreams all go.