Summary: Who knows what destiny has planned for you? If you found out, would you be willing to follow it? This is the question she is given and her mission is now to figure out an answer. And the one to help her may turn out to be her greatest enemy.

Authors note: Please R&R! I'm really lost on this one since it was the longest one I ever wrote on! And this was also written before and after my grandmother died. More like, during. So...I dunno what to say, except I hope you like it.

Under her controll


It's so beautiful your tears will make you feel like there's hot liquid behind your eyelids. When the sun slides up against the horizon. Like someone is creating it. Pulling up a white, burning mass from nothingness and makes is cool on it's way up.


It's so sad. The incredible ball of heat melts away and disappears. All that lives dies. The night isn't for man. It belongs to other kinds of creatures.

Not that I actually belive in that kind of things. At least, I didn't use to. I didn't before I met Him. And I'm not talking about God or anything like that, but something completely different.

But let me start over.

Let me take you back to the very beginning of it all.




"Jesse, come on, hurry up! I'm not waiting!"

"Of course you are! You're here to give me a ride, doofus!"

She came rushing through the gates.

She was a pretty little girl. Or rather, she wasn't that little. She was actually seventeen years old. Her hair reached to her chest and had the same color of brand whiskey held up in the light. Her eyes were nut-brown and surrounded by thick eyelashes.

She was a young woman. Although, she wasn't acting wery grown up right now. She was running to the car and jumped into it like an eager child.

"Shotgun! Shotgun!" she called.

The man behind the wheels nodded at the boy sitting next to him and he jumped to the backseat.

She sat down, throwing her sports-bag next to the boy.

"Thanks for giving me a ride, I'm eternally greatful." she said, smiling.

"It's not any trouble."

He started the car and soon, they were on their way.


"Where did that aunt of your live again?"

She repeated the adress to him before the car went quiet.

"Are you gonna live with her?" the boy in the backseat asked.

"No, I'm living with a friend of mine." she explained.

All that was heard was the relaxing sound of the engine. The silence that followed was awkward.

Jesse tried ignoring the question that was hanging in the air. She didn't want to answer it. Because if she did, it would all be true. Mom and dad would really be dead and gone for forever. No more family-dinners. No more yelling and arguing about her to clean her room. No more assistance on her homework with mom. No more trixing with the car with dad.

It would all be over. It was allready over. There was nothing left. Only her. It was so sad. But in the same time, it wasn't. She was sort of empty.

Jesse noticed that her vision started getting all foggy and she looked out through the window so they wouldn't notice. Don't cry now. Don't cry again. The funeral was the last time she would ever cry. Never again.

Never again.

Never mom and dad's warm bed during thunderstorms. Never again mom's perfume or dad's messy hair.

No more cozy friday nights in the couch. No more anything. No more anything. Nothing at all.

All alone. Alone and strong. Alone and weak. Alone and scared. Don't cry, don't cry. Don't be afraid and weak. Only be strong. No more crying and no more complaining. It was all over and she was starting all over again.

She would live with her aunt till Jen had fixed everything in the house.

"We're here."

She got out of the car. The boy reached her the sports bag and she took it.

"Good luck, girl. Keep your head high."



In the elevator, with her back against the wall, she sank down to the floor. Her breaths were heavy and her eyes were tightly closed to force the tears back.

As the elevator stopped, she got out and rang the doorbell.

Her aunt opened. She was a tall woman with long, black hair and dark eyes.

"Hello, my darling. Come on in."


Soon after being let in, Jesse was pressed down in the couch with a cup of tea in her hands.

Her aunt's name was Kayla and her three months old baby was named Keri. She was on her back on her blanket with toys surrounding her.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here with us? There is a school near here."

Jesse put the cup on the floor before she picked the baby up into her lap and cuddled with her.

"No, I'm good. I allready have a room at Jen's, as soon as it's ready."

Her aunt looked concerned. "But...Dosen't she live alone in that big house? Where are her parents?"

Keri grabbed her pinky and tried putting it in her mouth. Smiling, Jesse pulled it away and the baby started pulling her hair instead.

"She does live there all by herself. Her parents died when she was ten and a relative lived with her untill she was sixteen. Her inheritage helps out when she needs it. To pay for what's nessescary."

She nodded, but didn't seem pleased with this. Still, she didn't say anything more about it.

"Well, in any case I think it's nice having you here. It's too late now, but how about taking a walk tomorrow night? Keri loves the stars, it calms her down."

Jesse smiled and nodded. Eager to hide whatever sadness that could still be in her eyes.

"Sure, I love the stars, too. And if my favorite cousin wants to see them, then I'll do anything to make that happen." she said and went back to cuddling the baby.

"Then it's settled. Now, let's go to bed."


The following night, they did as they had agreed.

The day had been long. Although, Jesse had been sleeping most of the day. When she decided to wake up, she had helped out with dinner, with Keri and other things around the apartment.

"What a lovely night, don't you think? The stars are so bright."


Suddenly, Kayla stopped and started searching through her pockets.

"Oh, darn it."


She sighed and gave up her search.

"The keys. I must have dropped them."

She started to turn them around when Jesse stopped her.

"No, no. I'll go look for them. You go on ahead. I'll catch up with you once I find them."

She managed to convince her that she would be alright by herself before they went different ways.


Her eyes searched over the ground that was covered with grass.

Fresh-cut. Why the hell had they cut the grass here by all places? Nobody hung out here!

"Dammit! I'm never gonna find those stupid keys! I wish I could see in the dark." she muttered.

She was so busy looking for the stupid keyes, she didn't notice that a dark figure had gotten closer to her. It wasn't untill she heard a dark, yet soft voice that she notices she wasn't alone anymore.

"Did you lose something, miss?"

The voice was very manly, soft and extremely dangerous. She slowly turned around.

There was a dark figure standing there. A male figure.

As discreetly as possible, she took a step back.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. I dropped my keyes. But I'm sure that I'll find them..."

As she spoke, she noticed her right foot stepped on something and she bent down and picked it up, triumph in her face.

"Aha! I found them!"

For just a second, she'd forgotten about the man. Now, he reminded her of his presence.

"Maybe you'll need an escort home? It's very dangerous around here at night. More likely for a girl like you."

He started walking towards her and she slowly backed up against a lamppost.

"I don't think so...b-but thanks anyways..."

She cursed the darkness that was surrounding them. She couldn't see his face. She couldn't see anything at all, actually.

He moved closer and was allmost touching her now.

"Y-you better not try anything...I've got a black belt jijutsu-karate-kickboxing...arts..."

When he heard her, he frowned.

"My dear, I have never touched a Lady in an inproper way unless invted to it. And pardon me if I say so...but you're not really my kind of girl. You're too short and sweet for my taste."

Short? Sweet? Oh, how she hated it when people said that! She was normal in every way! Unless a person her age that was taller stood next to her. But nontheless, she was only sixteen! She was still growing, for heavens sake!

And now this complete stranger was insulting her by saying she was too short and sweet for his taste!

She could not tolerate this kind of treatment! And now he was too close for her taste!

"What are you doing? Don't touch me, you creep!"

She could hear him smiling.

Suddenly, the lamppost lit up and she could see his face. She had thought this guy would be relly ugly and pathetic-looking. How wrong she had been.

He was cute, handsome actually. Quite attractive. Actually, the hell with the 'quite attractive' thing. This guy was hot! His bonestructur was near perfection. His lips manly and craving. His hair was black and curled down over his eyes. And his eyes, oh god, his eyes. They were the brightest blue you would ever see.

Ever seen Legoas in Lord of The Rings? Just like that but with more sharpness to them.

Why the hell am I thinking of Legolas? I didn't even see that movie. she thought.

No matter what she thought, those eyes seemed to be looking right into the depths of her mind and heart. She couldn't look away.

She was trapped in his blue eyes.

"You don't look much different in light as you do in darkness. Besides that your hair has a ceartain glimmer to it."

Her heart jumped as his face changed. His fourhead, nose and upper lip.His eyes got yellow and his teeth got sharp.

Her eyes widened. No. No. No.

Her whole being screamed that this was not possible. This couldn't be happening. This wasn't happening.

He smirked at her immediate fear.

"Now, little Lady. It's been a nice talk but I'm feeling a bit peckis for sweets."

Hissing, he leaned in for her neck.

Oh, God! No, please no! Don't let me die here in this pathetic way! Somebody, please help me! I'll do anything! Just help me! Anything that's asked of me! Please, just help me! I...can't...

The thoughts flew by so quickly. In mere seconds.

There was a sharp pain and she could no longer think. It hurt at first, but as soon as she felt the warmth flowing out from her body, she stared relaxing.

He pulled her closer as her legs started giving away. She was shorter than him and he grabbed ahold of her left thigh and pulled it upwards, like they were dancing.

He bit harder and she whimpered.

So very weak...

No, this wasn't right! She had to do something! Anything!

"Please...No more..." she whispered, weakly.

Suddenly, the area was lit up. The light was stronger than the lamppost's. It was as if the sun had sent a peice of it's light straight at them. She could feel how he was thrown away from her before she sank to the ground.

Her chest was burning, her hands as well. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She was being burnt alive.

This was her salvation? If it was, she would happily give it back. It hurt too much. There was too much pain. She screamed. And she could hear him scream.

Everything went quiet. The lamppost's weak light surrounded them both in a circle. The night was cold. Winter cold. Cold good. How warm she'd been a few moments ago. Why was everything dark?

She opened her eyes. Everything was a big blurr and she whiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

She shook her head, clearing her mind before slowly getting to her feet.

"Bloody hell...What are you? A witch, or something?" she heard him mutter.

Everything was spinning and she covered the wound on her neck with her hand while she gave up a small whimper.

With firm steps, he walked up to her again. Ready to bite. And they both knew she was too weak to resist.

But as he was about to take a hold of her, the bright light returned and he was roughly thrown to the ground by an invisible force. Moments after, he was back on his feet and glared at her while his face returned to normal.

"What kind of witch are you?"

She swallowed but did her best to steady her voice.

"I am not a witch. Witches don't exist. Neither should you."

He hit his fist in the lamppost, right above her head. It made her twitch but other than that, she didn't move.

"Well, I do exist. Why do you still belive that when I am standing right in front of you? Vampires exist."

"W-well...They shouldn't..."

"And why the hell not?"

She swallowed and couldn't stop looking into his eyes.

"Because there isn't any rationell explanation to people dying and coming back from the dead as monsters."

Once again, he struck his fist into the lamppole before pulling her to him. They were so close that if he had been breathing, she would have felt it on her face.

"You are wery right, shorty. I am a monster. A monster that is now prisoned by your spell. A spell that makes it impossible for me to hurt you. But hear my word, Witch. When I figure out how to break this spell, there's gonna be hell to pay. I will personally enjoy ripping you into pieces."

He turned away and dissappeared into the dark.

Jesse sraightened up, buttoned her jacket up to her neck and left the place.


She ran to catch up to her aunt, who was waiting by the gate to the apartment building.

"It took a while." she said, smiling.

"Yes...I couldn't find the keys...sorry I'm so"

"That's okay, at least you're safe. Let's get upstairs, shall we? You seem like you're cold."


She looked surprised.

"You buttoned your jacket all the way up, sweetie. Let's get you inside."



A few days passed.

One night, aunt Kayla looked in the fridge and sighed.

"Oh, dear. We're out of milk."

Jesse grabbed her jacket. "I'll go buy some, don't worry 'bout it."

"Oh, really?"

Jesse jumped into her shoes. "Give me a list."

She counted everything she needed and Jesse nodde while she memorized it.

"You sure you can remember everything?"

She smiled.

"Sure I can. My local sence may stink, but I have a great verbal memory."

Kayla laughed. "Whatever you say, sweetie. Why are you wearing that scarf, by the way?"

"What? Oh, this? Fashion thing."

She quickly left before the aunt could ask more questions about her newfound interest in fashion.


When she was in the store, she walked around with a basket and looked for what she was supposed to buy.

"Tranberryjuice, tranberryjuice..." she mumbled.

Then, she spotted a bottle and she put the basket down. She stood on her toes while trying to reach up.

She couldn't reach it.

"Damn it..." she muttered and stood on the bottom shelf.

The tip of her fingers nearly touched the bottle. She allmost had it. Then, she suddenly fell backwards.

And just as suddenly, she felt an arm surrounding her waist and a hand grabbing hers. She was leaned slightly backwards and stared into the shelf, surprised.

"You should be more careful, Shorty." a soft, dark voice whispered in her ear.

She gasped and turned her head to the side, looking straight into a pair of blue eyes. Mocking ones.

She growled inside while she crawled from his grip.

"I didn't think you could hurt me, you creep!" she hissed.

He raised an eyebrow. "Did me holding you hurt you?" he asked.

She glared at him for a minute. Then she blushed and shook her head.

"No...It didn't..."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Allright, then."

Thoughtfully, she studied him. If that thing that had happened had made it so that he couldn't hurt her, then what else had it done? Could she make him do stuff? How fun it would be if she could. That would surely whipe that mocking smile of his.


He bent over, sarcasm dripping from him.

"What's wrong? Cat got yout tounge, Shorty?"

She clenched her fists. "Sit!" she exclaimed.

He grinned at her. An expression that said 'fat chance'.

Then, he suddenly stiffened before being roughly pushed to the floor by the same invisible force as that night.

"Dammit. I knew that wouldn't be the end of it." he muttered.

Jesse grinned. She had gained her confidence. He looked up at her and that smile allmost frightened him.


"Stand up." she ordered.

"If you think that I-" he started but was pulled up with such force, she could feel the gust of wind.

"Oh, how fun. I have my own vampire." she giggled.

"Enjoy it while you can, Witch. Because when this is over, I'm gonna-"

"Carry the basket for me." she ordered.

Cursing, he picked up the basket. She pointed at the bottles.

"Take down that bottle for me."

He didn't even have to stand on his toes, he simply stretched his arm out and grabbed the bottle before throwing it into the basket.

"Now, come with me."

He muttered something but followed her to the cash register.

She picked up everything and put it on the counter. Meanwhile, the vampire next to her picked out a package of cigarettes.

"You really gonna buy those?"

He smirked. "What's the matter, Shorty? Afraid I'll die from cancer?"

His voice was filled with sarcasm. It made her blush and she turned back to the guy behind the counter.

"How much?"

"30 dollars, sweetie."

He watched the girl next to him. He saw how she turned from blushing and frustrated to sweet and charming.

"Oh? I only have 25 on me..."

The guy looked at her from her legs to her eyes. And he smiled.

"That's okay, sweet thing. It's special price, for you only."

He helped her pack the groceries down. Worked his charm at her. The vampire threw cash at the counter and walked up next to Jesse.

"Hey, man. Are you hitting on my girlfriend?" he asked, his voice threatening, his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes glaring at the guy.

Jesse got really pale. What the hell was he saying?

The guy took a step back.

"I'm sorry, dude. I didn't know she belonged to you."

"I do not belong to him!" she hissed, took the bags and left.


He caught up with her.

Her angry face just made him grin.

"I was just joking, Shorty."

She was walking so fast, she didn't manage to avoid hitting her shoulder in a lamppost.



They stared at eachother.

"What just?.." she started.

"Pinch yourself." he ordered.

"But why-"

"Just do it."

"Oh, allright, don't bite my head off!"

She pinched herself in her arm.



Silence. None of them talked, they just stared at eachother.

"Damn it! I think this spell you casted over me must be working better than it should. I can feel your pain, dammit. I can't bite you, I can't kill you and I can't let you get hurt...Dammit!"

"Right back at you!" she yelled.

They stared at eachother. It was like they had this mental bond.

She sighed.

"What incredible luck I have, huh? First, everybody that I love dissappeares! Then, there's my aunt that's crazy! And then, I meet this vampire that shouldn't even exist who turns into some kind of slave of mine!"

She was getting hysterical and he paitentely waited for her to calm down.

Finally, she was calm again. To get her mind to concentrate on other things, he asked a few questions.

"So, how old are you, shorty?"

"Seventeen...What about you?"

He smirked.

"A bit older."

She sighed. "How much is 'a bit'?"

"About five, tenhundred."

"Years?" she exclaimed.

He chuckled.

"No, shorty. Birds. Of course years."

A mental battle started between them. Nobody wanted to give up as their eyes were pointed at eachother. They were so concentrated, they didn't react before something jumped and tackled her.

She landed on the ground and a big, smelly thing landed on top of her.

The weight made her gasp for air and regretting it because the thing was really stinky.

The vampire wobbled slightly. He probably felt the same way she did. He probably felt the weight over his chest.

They were surrounded by these odd creatures. And she got the feeling that is was her they wanted. Suddenly, some gurgling sounds came from the one sittign on her. And you wouldn't belive the surprised expression on her face when the vampire answered.

"She's nobody. Just a girl. Food."

The creatures came closer to her and she whimpered. Was it so hard to shout out a 'Help me!' to the vampire? He would be obligated to help her. He wouldn't have any other choice. But she didn't dare open her mouth. Didn't dare to breathe.

And nobody could imagine her surprise when he suddenly started beating down creature after creature.

"But that dosen't mean I'll let you have her. She's mine." he growled.

The one sitting on her, got up and gurgled something threatening. The vampire smiled, allmost friendly.

"No offence. But I don't like it when others take what is mine."

A couple of fast kicks and a twist with the creatures neck and they were all defeated. Moments later, they all dissolved and dissappeared.

He turned to her, bent down slightly and reached out his hand for her.

"You okay?"

Surprised and a little shook up, she put her hand in his. Their eyes met for a brief moment and time seemed to have stopped.

He helped her up. Cleared his throat.

"Maybe I should walk you home."

She lit up.

"Thank you. That's so nice of you."

He growled. "Me - nice? Hardly. I just can't let anything happen to you, is all."

She stared at him with eyes that said 'but, isn't that nice?'.

He growled again.

"Don't flatter yourself. I'm just looking out for myself. Get that into your head, Shorty."

She hissed.

"Don't call me that, you!..You!.."

The air was filled with sarcastic expectation.

"You perverted vampire!" she finished.

He raised an eyebrow. She told him what exactly she was saying.

"You tried to force yourself at me last time we met!"

"What, are you stupid?"

The calm answer made her go quiet.

He sighed and shook his head.

"I didn't try anything inapropriate last time we met. And trust me, even if those had been my intentions you weren't hot enough to get me even a little excited. Not by a witch like yourself, anyways."

She stared at him, her cheeks red. Then, she started growling at him.

"What the hell do you mean by 'I didn't try anything inapropriate'? You tried to drink my friggin blood, goddammit!"

She was getting hysterical again. He looked to the side and started sniffing in the air before looking back to her.

She was still hysterical. If she didn't quiet down, whatever it was that he'd senced would spot them. And he did not feel like fighting anymore tonight.

He saw a shadow moving in the darkness outside the light of the lamppost. He knew what it was.

Sighing lightly, he pulled her to him.

"Hey, what do you think you're..."

She saw his eyes.

"Be quiet now, vixen." he whispered.

She saw how his eyes turned darker now and she got quiet.

She didn't have a choice, really. He had pushed his lips against hers. No tounge, just his cool lips against her warm ones.

Her panic grew.

A dead man's kissing me! A dead man's kissing me!

When she tried pushing him away, he roughly pulled her closer and put his arm around her waist.

Allthough. she thought. He isn't a man. He's a monster. An object. A thing.

She told herself that he forced her to put her arms around his shoulders. That he forced her to stand on her toes to make the kiss deeper.

Why is he kissing me, anyways? 'You're not really my kind of girl.' That's what he'd said. So why?

She noticed his lips were parted and how his tounge separated hers. It felt wierd. Her tounge against hers.

Not the bad kind of wierd, more like the good kind of wierd.

Their tounges started moving and she experienced her very first kiss.

No! My first kiss can't be stolen by this guy! I want to meet a real guy! A nice guy that can be out in the sun! A normal guy with a beating heart and a soul!

His grip loosened a bit before he put his hands on her rear and lifted her up completely. Her toes were no longer touching the ground but she hardly noticed. She was now looking down at him. If she had opened her eyes, that is. She was completely into the kiss.

The icy, fiery kiss.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and checked the area. Then, he let go of her and gently pushed her away from himself.

Her breathing was heavy and he thanked all powers that he wasn't breathing. Then, she would have heard exactly how affected he had been by the kiss. So it was good that they could interrupt it. Or else, she might've made him kill himself. Stand on a hill and wait for sunrise or something.

But why was she breathing heavely? He could hear her heart beating in a fast and upset rythm. It had been the same during the kiss. Her heartbeat was just as clear to him as the blood rushing through her veins.

It annoyed him how the sounds of her body made her feel. How it attrackted him. Drew him to her.

He roughly shook his head.

"You are very lucky, Witch. I just saved that sweet ass of yours from another creature lurking around in the shadows a few moments ago."

He could tell by the look he got that she didn't understand. But then it seemed like she straightened up.

"Thanks then, I guess. So, are you gonna follow me home or what?"


"Then carry my groceries." she ordered.

He had to do as he was told.


When they stood by the gate to the apartment building, they stopped.

He gave her the bags.

"Thanks for the help. I gotta go now. I've been gone too long. My aunt's probably freaking out right now."

"I wish you a terrible night, Shorty." he teased her.

As he was walking away, he suddenly stopped and turned around. She was still standing there.

"By the way, Shorty. What's your name?"

"It's Jesse. What's yours?"

He tried out her name. Felt it roll over his tounge. Then. he told her.

"It's Chris."

"Chris..." she tasted the name, just like he had done.

"Good night, Jesse."

"Hey, wait!"

He stopped and turned again. "What?"

She bit her lip while trying to get her question out.

"You...fight good..."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess...Thanks."

"Could you...pherhaps...teach me?"

The night was silent for a few minutes. Then, he slowly nodded.

"Okay. i might as well teach you to defend yourself if you're gonna stand a chance. I'll pick ya up tomorrow."

He started walking away again. This time, he didn't turn around.

"What time?" she called after him.

He called over his shoulder.

"You'll know!"

She stood there for a while. She sighed, turned around and walked into the building.


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