Perfect Diamond

"If you find a shooting stare and have nothing to wish for, Somebody else might need it."

His name is Shiz. I'm Lil.

"Here. She ain't got no name, no home, no place. She's yours. Found her wandering around in Dead Alley, apparently, she has no one. Couldn't get a word outta her though, I'm not even sure if she understands us or can talk."

Shiz looked down at the young girl. Too young, he thought. Pyroz's hand gripped around her thin arm, but it didn't matter; the girl didn't seem to want to escape either. Long and straggly hair framed her pale face, and she was clothed in a ragged dress. Her bare feet were dirty and cut on the wet concrete floor.

"How old is she?"

"I'd say about five or six."

Shiz nodded. "Done." The girl was prodded gently forward, and Shiz took her small, cold hand. He carefully looked around, before reaching into his jeans pocket to pull out a tiny yet perfect diamond.

The man's eyes widened in shock. "You sure? If your kiddin' me, I'll hunt both you and the girl down."

Shiz smiled grimly. "It's real." The man examined the inch wide diamond closely, noticing how the light reflected rainbow off its polished surface. He walked over to a nearby car and ran the edge of the diamond across the window. A smooth line followed the path of the edge as the diamond was slashed across the diagonal of the window.

Smiling, the man pocketed the diamond. He turned away and casually began to walk out the deserted alley and into the main streets. His satisfied voice called from over his shoulder, "Done."

A/N: This story is inspired by a manga series called Aishiteruze Baby. New chapters will be up later tonight :D Please R&R. I'm gonna have a lot of fun writing this...