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Now finally…

Chapter One

The noise was low, barely discernable as the soft clicking of the door unlocking, but the noise rung in Caleb's ears nonetheless. He had been staying in this particular rundown motel for coming up on three days and knew he would not be disturbed by any of the staff, which meant only one thing. He had been found. He had been expecting it and couldn't find it in him to be surprised. He had been running for more years than he cared to mention, moving from place to place so often he sometimes compared himself to a nomad, still they found him. They always found him and then he was forced to either run or do terrible things. The former, of course, was a given, but sometimes the latter was unavoidable.

He had barely slid from the bed, intent on creeping to a nearby window when the door burst open. The laser-like sounds of many guns with silencers firing multiple shots filled the room and tore into the ruffled bed. Caleb leapt for the window, crashing through it and unto the side railing all the while cursing himself for choosing a two story motel – not that one had a choice when a person was this far into nowhere, you had to accept what was available. Clenching his jaw and not bothering to take a look back, lest that moment of hesitation be the second that would allow these men to shoot holes in him, he gripped the rail and threw himself over it. Dropping the eight feet to the parking lot and putting a huge dent in someone's hood, he ran. His legs pumping beneath him as he ran for his car that, as a safety precaution, he had parked at a diner a quarter mile away, not willing to take the time to find a new car when he could keep his present one unrecognizable.

The night was silent as he ran the short distance; one would almost think he had imagined all that if it wasn't for his ragged breathing and his heart pounding in his ears. He reached his car rather quickly and wasted no time in climbing in, grabbing the keys from where he had taped them to the bottom of his seat, he started the car and pulled off in a calm enough fashion, silently thankful for the few cars that were presently on the highway. Driving in the direction he had come three days before, he made sure to take a few random turns. He had found that sometimes getting lost was the best way to find something.

It was on his mind though, as he thought back to only a few minutes before, and he was questioning himself silently as to just why these guys were using real guns. For years tranquilizers had been the only things loaded in their guns. They had always wanted him back alive, and had even succeeded a few times, even as he shuddered at the memories he questioned if he was now on the hit list. He had been free from their grasp, despite their numerous tries, for nearly four years. Had they finally deemed him un-catchable? He had learned early in the game that if they couldn't catch you the next best thing was to kill you. He just hadn't thought the same rule would apply to him.

Setting the cruise control he settled back in his seat, hating how running away seemed like such a routine to him that he barely even got shaken over it. Even with the bullets present. Though honestly if he were to think about it he might even prefer the bullets. The tranquilizers meant that there was torture after capture but the bullets meant an ending. And sometimes, like now when he was so tired he could barely stand himself, that didn't seem like such a bad thing. He had been in between running and playing the lab rat his entire life and he was tired of it, he needed some help or he needed to just submit.

Weeks before he had met someone similar to himself, a stranger with a secret who had spoken of a team called the CRDP and the people that this group consisted of. A government supported group of freaks – that was laughable. But wasn't the part that interested him, it was the leader of this group and where he had come from, a research facility that had actually produced him. Not that he was interested in any production, but maybe a solution. If these people could create something other than human, perhaps they could fix something and make it right again.

If he could be cured, then maybe he could finally live life and not be chased through it. He had to try. There was no other course for him but death and he wasn't quite ready to give up yet.


Ran smiled as he watched her move, loving the way her bright red hair curled and bounced around her shoulders as she moved. The way her tanned skin contrasted against her bright eyes and the way her small body moved, bouncing slightly in all the right places. She was beautiful, he had noticed it for years, and had even managed to tell her a few times. She had laughed it off, of course, blushing and shoving him away like it was some joke. He was not deterred by this, however, figuring she would come to understand that he loved her and they would eventually be together.

"Hey you," he said softly, moving further into the woman's office. He raised a brow at the bare desk that was usually messy and cluttered with papers. "Spring cleaning?"

Maggie attempted a smile but even ran could see it didn't quite reach her eyes, eyes that seemed a bit teary even as she continued moving her things into a box Ran had somehow missed before. "I'm sorry, Ran," her voice cracked as she said it.

"Sorry for what?" he asked, his head shaking from side to side, emphasizing his misunderstanding. But another quick sweep of his eyes around her office had him asking, "What's going on, Maggie?" his voice came out a little harsher than he intended, hiding the hurt under it.

The redhead stopped packing and took a long breath before turning to her boss. "I'm leaving the research field permanently, Ran. John asked me to marry him and… and I said yes."

Ran felt like someone's hand had plunged into his chest, ripping his heart out and leaving him hollow. "Who is John?" was the only thing he could manage as he fought with himself not to loose his temper.

"He's been my boyfriend for a year now. I didn't want to tell you, Ran. I-I know how you feel, I just don't."

The man shook his head, "You don't what? If you know how I feel than how can you do this?" he hated that he actually asked that but he didn't under stand at all. Weren't mates supposed to want to be with one another? Why didn't she want him? She was supposed to be with him! Not someone else.

The tears in Maggie's eyed fell hot and freely down her face, "I just don't feel that way. Not the way you do. I adore our friendship, Ran. But you've made it clear that we can't just be friends. But I can't be anything else, not with you." With that said, she hefted the box up and walked past a stricken Ran before hurrying from the building to her car. Uncaring if she had left anything, she couldn't cause her friend any more hurt but there was no way she could be what he wanted her to be.

Ran couldn't move, knowing there was no use in following her and he hated the thought of watching her drive away too much to put himself through more hurt. Though honestly, he didn't think he could be in more pain than he was in presently. His whole world had just fallen apart, and so had his future. Turning away from the office, he closed the door and walked back to his own office and, not knowing what else to do, buried himself back into his research.


Caleb stared at the overly tall fence, it had to be fifteen feet tall if it was two and was topped with barbed wire. He shook his head, these constant heights were grating on his nerves – not to mention jarring his bones every time he cleared them. Not liking the idea of climbing over the tall wall, he allowed his mind to search for another presence. Nothing. Well, nothing penetrable anyway. But still, fifteen feet was quite the climb and as he had no superhuman bodily attributes, he opted for a nearby tree instead.

He really wished he hadn't of. The short jump from branch to fence was a painful one and left his arms covered with scratches as he pulled himself up and nearly fell over, would have had his arm not gotten tangled in the wire. "Fuck," he muttered, hissing lowly as he tried to pull himself up enough to get the wire to stop digging into his arm. It took him a moment, but he managed and soon found himself dangling on the edge inside of the fence by his fingertips as he pondered how many of his bones would break were he to just let go. The sight of a nearby dumpster had never been so beautiful and he inched as quickly as he could towards it. The drop to it still knocked the breath out of him enough where he didn't even think to hold on as he slid down the lid to the ground.

Caleb just laid there. He had never done something so stupid in his life – well, not anything he didn't have to do. He was usually very careful and calculated, but he felt rushed just now. The need to hurry up and find the fellow who ran this place was pounding through him. He was ready to be normal and was tired of having to kill or be killed. He wanted some friggin peace.

And it was with this thought that the managed get enough air into his lungs to sit up and start searching out possible entrances.


Ran watched the shadowed figure fall from the wall to the dumpster, amazed anyone could be so foolish as to try such a thing. He would have laughed at the sheer foolishness of it all had he not been so damned sad. It had been two weeks since Maggie had left and he hadn't heard a word from her. He was feeling the sting still and felt embittered because he could not see that she was unhappy with him. Not that they had ever had anything more than a friendship to begin with, as she had reminded him.

Pushing those thoughts away, he stared at the monitor, he had thought the person had gone and killed himself for a moment there when it didn't stir and was genuinely surprised when he rose and shook himself off. Not particularly wanting to replace any glass or doors the fellow might break in order to enter the building, Ran made his way outside into the darkness. This was a new development, no one had ever attempted to break into the facility before and the one time it happened, he felt absolutely no threat. Which was a good thing, he supposed. No doubt did he feel such the cat in him would be more than happy to relieve some stress.

He walked causally, his cat-eyes able to see perfectly in the dark, as he watched the man test doors and windows. Finding his low muttered curses rather humorous as he muttered them every now and again. This surprised him but he didn't bother no analyze it. The stalking did get old after awhile, however, he was a busy guy and had no time for a playful cat and mouse session. "Looking for something?" his voice was flat and had the boy stiffening.

Caleb turned, his eyes rolling heavenward as he silently cursed himself. How could he have failed to sense another presence? In fact, he still did not sense it and that scared the hell out of him. Allowing his eyes to search the darkness it was only a short moment later that he found those shining yellow cat eyes in the darkness. "What the fuck?" He muttered aloud as he backed up a bit. "I know a cat is not talking to me. Am I fucking crazy or something?" he asked himself in a low voice. His mind not registering juts how big the cat would have to be to stand so high.

Ran's brows furrowed as he fought the urge to smile. That again would be a first. Fear he was used to, screaming and misunderstanding, no problem. But this was just ridiculous. Moving into the faint light of a nearby window, he allowed the youth to see him.

"Oh good," Caleb muttered, "I thought I was in Alice in Wonderland or something." Running a hand through his messy hair, he took a step back. When the other guy didn't so much as blink, much less move, he was prompted to ask, "Now I'm new to this whole breaking and entering thing, so forgive me if I have the wrong conclusion, but shouldn't you be trying to shoot me or something?"

Ran shrugged, "Maybe. Or you could just tell me what it is you are doing breaking into a research facility."

"I could," he allowed, annoyed that no matter how hard he tried to search out the other mans aura and inner presence he could not. "I'm looking for whoever runs this place. I need help and have been led to believe that maybe he can assist me."

"Is that so," Ran pondered this, the answer seemed too simple to be a lie. "I would be that guy and for future reference, there is an intercom on the outside gate, I would suggest you use it in the future lest you break your neck. You may call me Ran."

"Oh, good deal. My name is Caleb Parker, Ran, and I believe you can help me."