Chapter 1 - Nomad

A young boy with golden brown hair and a fair complexion lay atop a hill in the middle of the forest looking up as the clouds flowed by slowly, sometimes allowing the sun a peek at the world below only for it's light to be reflected back by the boys hazel eyes. His attire consists of loose pants tucked into combat boots, on his waist were a pair of twin blades he rarely used, he wore a long sleeve shirt with metal plates on the shoulders.

The boy raised a gloved hand toward the sky. He slowly removed the glove and for a moment seemed as if he'd frozen mid movement looking at the naked mass. He hid his hand under the soft fabric and stood up quickly. He couldn't stay in one spot for too long, the local militia was after him.

"It was a stupid mistake" He said to himself as he moved forward.

A few days ago while walking down a cobblestone street late at night he saw a lady getting mugged. Reacting quickly he rushed to the scene. He released a burst of invisible energy from his hand pushing the mugger several feet away, out cold. The lady screamed at the site and began calling out for help. He rushed as quickly as he could knowing the local authorities wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"If I can make it to the next town over I'll be safe..Rikon right?" He said to himself as he began walking down the beaten path.

A Few Hours Later

"Why does it have to be so damn far away?" He spoke as the light from the sinking sun glowed on his face "Shit..where will I sleep? I'll keep walking..maybe there'll be a place up ahead"

He continued to walk for several more hours, bags growing under his once vibrant eyes.

"What the fuck!" He yelled to the night sky as he sat down near a tree and looked at the sky.

The star studded sky full of bright and shining bulbs of light gave him new hope regenerating him.

"I can do it! Fuck yeah!" He screamed to the heavens.


"So you think you can handle this one" A shadowed figure spoke from behind a desk in the dark room.

"Of course Madam" Spoke the young lady standing in the middle of the room wearing battle armor, a knightsword held it's place menacingly on her waist, it's scabbard covered in gold designs.

"You speak as if it will be easy." The feminine figure spoke again

"I've done things that are harder I'm sure" She spoke confidently "Do I leave tomorrow?"

"Five sharp." The figure spoke strictly leaning forward a little still managing to stay out of the light. "I know it's been a while but try not to kill everyone. Any avoidable bloodshed will be appreciated"

"I'll try my best" The lady turned swiftly on her heel and walked toward the door in an elegant fashion before stopping suddenly. "Will I have any back up?"

"Of course" The figure spoke reassuringly

"Cancel that, I won't need it" Replied the strong minded woman

The young lady left the dimly lit room quietly, closing the door slowly behind her before vanishing into the darkness.


"One-hundred more.." Said a tall, powerful, black man from the middle of the forest.

He'd been working himself to the bone for the last month. He'd been trying to get to the base of a mythical liberation army that fights for the people who believe in the use of this "inner energy". After trying his best to catch up to the army he believes he's found out where they're advancing to next. The plan was to meet them and join their cause.

"Just ten..more" He pushed himself as he took his stance and began punching the air once more, his flowing robe-like shirt swaying with his very slightest movement. His roomy pants rippled as he raised his knee in an attempt to knee an invisible opponent. The starlight reflecting off his glistening brow, his shoulder length braids released droplets of sweat with every jerk of his body.He yelled as he shot his palms forward releasing an invisible energy which ripped apart several layers of bark from the tree a few feet ahead of him. He fell to the ground on his side completely spent.

"Finished" He mumbled to himself before closing his eyes slowly drifting into another world.

In the Imperial Court

"What!? That puny little army has taken yet another village?!" Yelled a large muscular man in kingly robes as he began pacing across the beautifully adorned room "Where are my generals! Why doesn't my army smash them out of existence?"

"There is no need sir." Said an older man that sat before the nervous man that continued to pace "They are but a little militia. The local authorities can handle them, these little villages are barely important anyway."

"That's always how it starts…it's the snowball effect see?" Said the kingly man as he stopped pacing and took a seat on the throne.

"Please sir let me do my job." Said the older man in a calm assured voice.

"Let you do your job? Is that what you call what you're doing?" Laughed the large man "If sitting on your ass letting me lose territory is doing your job perhaps you shouldn't have one then hmm? There are a lot of other people that could be my advisor."

"I'm sorry sir" apologized the advisor " That was disrespectful. I will handle the situation in the utmost swiftness."

"That's what I like to hear!" Said the large man as he laughed heartily "By the end of this week I expect every member of that bitch squad to be mining coal in the depths of hell."

"Certainly, Your majesty." Said the advisor standing up and bowing to his highness before turning and leaving the large room.

-------------------------Rune's Children-----------------

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