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"This is our new place?"

"Yes, it is. Now grab this box and take it inside." I glared at Jared and took the cardboard box from his arms, trudging up the front steps.

I shifted the box to rest on my hip and freed one hand to turn the old doorknob that was welded into the shape of a lion's head. The handle squeaked loudly when I turned it but the door, however, opened extremely quietly, much to my surprise. I flipped on the cobweb covered light switch and set the box down carefully on the floor.

"It looks more like a cheesy haunted house than a place to live," I said pointedly to Jared who had come in right after me. He set his box down gently next to mine and looked around.

"Well the creepier it looks the less chance we have of people sticking their noses in on us to see what we're up to," he said heading back out to get some more boxes.

I had to disagree with that; the more 'haunted' it looked the more likely kids would be dared to come up to the house and touch it or something, especially with Halloween coming up, but Jared failed to see my point.

The floorboards were covered two inches thick in dust and grime and an old, winding, decrepit staircase near the far wall looked as though it might collapse at any second. Cobwebs littered corners and climbed up the otherwise barren walls. A giant crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling along with drapes of dust and mothballs.

I turned around to find Jared walking back through the doorway, closely followed by Nick. They set their boxes down and looked up at the place fondly.

"Come on, you guys can't be serious about this place," I complained, "I mean this cannot be safe. It must be like a fire hazard or infested with maggots and spiders or something!"

"It's perfectly safe, now stop complaining and go get your stuff. I'll even let you pick out your own room," said Jared before ruffling my hair and wandering through another unexpectedly silent door.

I turned to Nick, flattening my hair back down. "Come on Nick, you've always been the cool, sensible brother. There's got to be something wrong with this place," I almost pleaded. Almost. I don't plead.

He laughed. "Nope, sorry, this place checks out clean. Well, insect and arachnid speaking at least," he added with a chuckle.

"Host to an uncommon deadly mold or bacteria?" I gave it one last shot.

"Bacteria and mold free. Just give it a couple days and a little cleaning up, it won't seem so bad, you'll see," he said, though I was still thoroughly unconvinced.

"I think it's kind of cool," said Vinny, walking in through the open door carrying two big boxes. He set them down and brushed off his shirt. "Besides," he grinned, "It wouldn't be so unusual to find any dead bodies in here would it?" I raised an eyebrow at him and rolled my eyes.

Nick laughed and said, "Well there you go. Now move it punk, get some boxes."

I heaved a medium sized box out of the back of the pickup and carried it inside. It basically had all of my belongings in it, or at least, all the things that I could actually consider mine. I walked up the stairs just waiting until way gave way, sending me through the floorboards, but they didn't.

I turned into one of the many rooms and put my things down on the floor next to the door. There was a cast iron bed made up perfectly with a silk red comforter and pillows, all lined with a thin layer of dust. If it was washed, it looked like it would actually be very comfortable. The furniture was nice too, cherry wood with a dark finish and void of any contents.

For a second I didn't quite know what I should do first, but then Vinny walked into the doorway.

"You're in here? Nice, I'm across the hall. Anyway, Jared said to come downstairs and bring your own boxes of clothes up since you have like a million."

"Are you kidding me? He has more clothes than I do, the little pretty boy," I added under my breath. Vinny laughed and lead the way downstairs.

"Come get these boxes Jonni, I'm not carrying all your stuff upstairs," said Jared when I go to the bottom step. "Besides, you two need to get started on your rooms as soon as possible because tomorrow you start school."

I had been in the process of rolling my eyes, halfway bent down to pick up a box when he spoke, but I froze.

"What?" Vinny and I cried out in indignation at the same time.

"You can't be serious!" he yelled.

"No way am I going to school anymore! I know more than all those kids combined! And plus, you and Nick don't have to go!" I shouted heatedly.

"Well Nick and I are older and smarter than you and we're already out of high school. You, little Jonni, you still have one more year left and Vinny has three. Not to mention we all know you suck at math and that's going to get you into some serious trouble one day, especially with all the hustlers we deal with." Okay, so what if he had a point.

"Well you guys could teach me math! Or Vinny! He's a mathematical genius! But there is no way in hell I'm going to school. None."

Oh, I hate it when he wins.