Necklace Of Cicadas

I somehow ended up in the river

Broken, broken, deadly river.

Till it churned over its stomach and

Spat me on the land

Which I coupled up

With my waterfall heart,

Fragile Tumblings,

My small wicker sandals

And my woven neck


I carried a silver spoon

On a raw splitting string

And tapped it against

Steel silver drums

Washed up on the shore



I was wed to the rainforest

And had a child

Of sunny dappled wings


Truth and Faith

The most important

Shining dewdrops

Wake up once again


Goddess of gold

And screaming blood orange

Fruits of nature

And mountains of clay

And breathing in

The epitome of all serenity

Completion in the form

Of a human being

With multicoloured robes

And holy parasols

Warpaint simplistic as flesh

Laid down on light


I slept on a twilight cloud

My pillow filled to the seams

With aromatic spices

And a basket dangling

From the edges


With water from the heavens

And I never spilled a single drop

Nor drank any

Because my mouth was cursed to be forever dry

And my joints were beginning to ache


Hummingbirds flew backwards

Over musical horizons

Of mythical blues

Butterflies were hunted

By copper springs

And they were

Gently and gradually

Replaced with woven


Beaded together

Like crimson chimes

And strings of gemstones and glass that hung loosely

On my ankles and wrists


My skin was scrubbed with

Sewing needles

And morningtide

Whispered sweet taboo in my ears

Where delicate jewlels lay

Over green landmarks

And pottery-like proverbs

Were whisked away by phantoms

Because this is a dream

And I will save his country


So please

Charge into war

Screaming your battle cries

And as they encircle you

I will scream too

Because its almost like we forgot to live

Marry her today

And tomorrow I will wake up

To shattered golden windowpanes

And illness on my back

As I reach for the sirens

And skim the stones of the sea