Oh Oh

I Cant Believe

Whats Happening

You Shocked

Back Into My Reality.

Your Memory Never Faded Away

And I'm Wondering Why

Why Were You

The One Never Forgotten

How Could My Love

Not Have Desecrated


I See You

I'm Shaking There Isnt

A Thing I Can Really Do

Just See You.

Oh Oh I

Never Thought This Day

Would Come.

But Really Its Morning

And I've Never Felt So Alone.

Is There A Way

I Can Turn Back Time

Give A Proper Good Bye

Then You Could Explain

Why You Left As A Memory In Vain

Times Gone By

There's No Reason For This Show

Of Affection

Or Anything Else

That Could Bring Back

Our Sign Of

Close Convection.

The First And Only Person I Have Ever Loved Outside Of My Family Just Showed Up At Of No Where At The Strangest Place...Myspace. And He Added Me. Needless TO Say i Freaked And Wrote A Song About It. Oh Thats Not The Real Ending To This Song Either.