Numbers Don't Lie

There was a thing I was once told

By a man that was rather old:

"Numbers don't lie"

Yeah, right, like real boys don't cry

It's just another cliché

That all of them say

And no cliché is really true

When it's pointed toward you

'Cause if so, I'm not smart

Because I failed one test

And I'm not smart

'Cause I'm not always the best

Real boys don't cry

So if they do are they fake?

Or are they a girl in disguise

I guess a disguise you can't take

"Winners don't quit."

Yeah, right, and people don't shit

"Girls are less than guys"

Clichés are something I despise

Winners don't quit,

So then what are we?

Everybody quits at some point

When they are blind and can't see

If girls are less than guys

Then please tell me why

The best student in my school

Happens to be a girl

Statistics can be taken

To show what they want

But all of it is lies

Used to anger people and taunt

Braggers use clichés

To prove invalid points

But to see people believe them

Really disappoints me

Okay, so my poetry's not the best

But it certainly should put your mind to the test

Are you believing these lies

That make up so many people's cries?

If you do, think again

And remember what I said

Numbers do lie

And real boys can cry