In my dreams I wonder if there was someone else out there

Who wondered why stars were so bright

As if they were trying to tell us

To go beyond the expansion

To hear those whispers murmured softly in the lights of the aurora

To seek out the fierce compassions of secreted romance and beauty

And to watch a new butterfly spread its wings for the very first time

Often as the sun sets below the unbroken horizon

Painting the skies with streaks of varied fire

Crimson like the new rose petals

Sweet like the pink cherry blossoms

Orange like the child's supermarket balloon

Blue like the pure heavens above

Perfection is admired

Unique is respected

Romance is loved

Eternity exceeds the boundaries of time and mocks the term of infinity

Let the stars surface and materialize with a new shine

Let the sun break through and its rays reflecting through my glass pane windows

Let me wake up

Let me show you real love

Let me shine,

Brighter than anyone

Brighter than any star and sun.

A/N: Just a memory of the past. A memory that will never be forgotten.
...I might make a story out of this. Yes? No? You tell me.