Damien walked into this new school, nervous. He wasn't very happy about switching to a new school in his senior year, but his parents had insisted they move. His mom couldn't stand being in their old house, not after his grandmother, who had lived with them, died. He hadn't put up a fight because he knew how upset his mom was, still, inside he was wary. New kids, new school, new teachers, he hated changed. But school got a little bit better when he walked into first period, math. The teacher, Mr. Puce directed him to his seat, but he barely heard the guy. Standing there talking to Mr. P was a stunning red head. Damien was immediately struck by her beauty and wanted nothing more than to talk to her. The bell rang and the girl hurried away before he even got to say hello. He searched fervently for this girl, but to no avail. He had given up by sixth period, lunch. He went out to the courtyard and sat on the granite fountain, unwrapping hid sandwich and biting into it.

"Hey man," someone clapped him hard on the back. He looked up; it was Jordan, the kid he met in his English Lit class.

"Hey Jordan," he smiled.

"Thought you could use a friend to sit with, being new and all," Jordan smiled and sat down next to him, taking out his lunch too.


"Mphmm," Jordan mumbled through his large bite of turkey.

Maybe Jordan knows the red-head. Damien thought. He waited for him to swallow before asking.

"Jordan, do you know any red-heads in this school? Very pretty?"

"Already found a girl you're interested in huh? Or do you just have a thing for red-heads?"

"No, I just saw this girl talking to my math teacher and wondered who she was."

"Red-head huh? There are a couple in the school. There's Madeline, she's a sophomore on the cheerleading team. And then there's Genet, she's a math geek, wears glasses."

"No, she wasn't wearing glasses and looked to old to be a sophomore."

"You sure it wasn't the new math teacher, Miss Sykes? She's young."

"No, she was definitely a student."

"Well the only other red head I know is Julia Stratford, my friend Ricky's twin. Normal height, thin, very red hair, bright green eyes?"

"Julia, Julia," he repeated her name like a mantra.

"Man, take it from me, you don't want to get involved with her."

"Yeah? You speaking from experience?"

"No way man, if I macked on Julia her brother would murder me."

"Over protective brother, is that all?"

"Well, no. She's just got, other things to worry about – she doesn't have any time for boys. Believe me, you don't want to be with her."

Although they had only met, Damien felt like he could trust Jordan. Still it wouldn't have mattered what he said. Damien had already fallen for pretty Julia.