Amanda the Giant Serpent (I'm still working on a title)

Chapter 1

"Stay away!" Peter said, brandishing the chair like a weapon. Amanda turned slowly, her yellow eyes blazing. Slithering across the tile littered floor,, she rose up and opened her jaws. Amanda let out her breah in a terrible hiss, pulled her head back to strike, an-

"You know I'm gangster, you can't deny it."

Amanda's eyes snapped open to see Peter blabbering away across the table from her. Shaking her head, she tried to clear the feeling of malice off of her.

These visions were comeing more and more frequently. When ever someone was bothering her now, she became a giant serpent in a destroyed classroom, the tiles ripped up from the floor. The subject bothering her was always situated in a corner, their faces illuminated by dancing flames.

"What's happening to me?" Amanda thought aloud.

"I'll tell you what's happening. You're being schooled by me. What question are you on, 3? Ha, I'm on 4!"

"Amanda's vision was suddenly timted yellow. Involuntarily, she hissed, making Peter jump back.

"God, Amanda, clam down!" Peter exclaimed. "Anyone would thing you're a gigantic snake!"

"Yeah really," she muttered, shoving her papers away into her binder. She didn't feel like working anymore; she wanted to get away, from Peter, from that classroom.

"Hey, where are you going?" Peter said curiously.


It was several moments before he cried after her.

"Hey! You forgot the pass!"


Amanda was standing in the middle of the road, a large truck screaming towards her. She should have felt fear, her heart hammering against her ribs, her breath caught in her lungs. Instead, she slowly began to smile, her brown eyes flashing into yellow. The horn sounded, a long, droning sound, boring into her skin. She felt the vibrations coursing through her from the ground, and she raised her arm in front of her. Suddenly, without warning, the truck flew off its wheels, flipping over and over before landing in the middle of the road, a couple hundred meters back.

Amanda stood, facing the burning wreckage, her eyes changing from yellow back into their normal brown. Her breath caught, and she staggered backwards, eyes wide and fearful.

"My God." she whispered, looking upon the truck. "Oh my God."

The flames seemed to transfix her gaze, dancing over the metal. The smell filled her lungs, but she did not cough it out. Forcing her feet to move, she turned and ran from the scene, and ran, and ran...