Damien, I love you.I always have, since the first moment I met you all those years ago.Don't throw this away just yet.You love her. Rose. But…. You just have to know… I did what Idid because I felt that I couldn't live without you. Every day, I'd wait for you on the way to school.I'd wait, not so we could talk about video games or books,but because I just wanted to be with you.You're my best friend Damien. And you're the only guy who makes me feel like I'm something special.By being my friend, you've saved me from myself, and helped me get through all the shit from our past.Rose is beautiful…yes… smart, kind,and obviously likes you too, but…. Did she love you when you hit puberty and got lots of pimplesand had those braces? No.
I did
Did she love you when you had to wearyour dad's glasses toschool in 7th grade and the whole class thought you were a loser? No.
I thought you were adorable.
Did she like you when you gave her your handpicked flowers the first day of 9th grade? No.
I thought yourbouquet beat Ryan's any day of the week.
Day, she didn't love you until you changed for her.Until you got contacts, and combed your hair for once…
Until you changed how you dressed andwho you hung out with. You had to changefor her, but I loved you the way you are.
Sure, you'remore socially accepted now, but you were perfectly fine before.

Damien, I love you.
Please, please… tell me.

Do you love me back?


Dear Sar,

I'm sorry. Sarin, you will always be my friend, my best friend in fact. But, I don't love you. Rose and I have decided that we want you to be the Maid of Honor at the wedding. You'll get to wear whatever you want and we really want you to be there. I'll see you there, and then we can talk more about this matter. See ya then.


Dear Damien,

I saw your sister Angie at Walgreens the other day. She said that the wedding was beautiful, and Rose looked like an angel.
She showed me pictures, and really, she did. You looked pretty good yourself, in that white tux.
I hope you and Rose will live a happy life together. I'm sorry I wasn't there, but… I couldn't. I'm still a bit bitter.
Anyway, remember when we were young, and we always said we'd leave together and go on that big train away to somewhere else?
Well, I'm on it, just without you. I'm going somewhere else. Somewhere far away where I can get over you, and live a normal life again. Day, please don't ever forget about me. I know that I won't forget about you. I still love you Damien, I always will.
To be honest, your last letter really broke my heart, but I realized that we just weren't meant to be.
Here's my last letter, as well as all the others I've collected from you over the years, so you won't forget.

Be happy, be safe, and always...love Rose.

Your friend,