Forever Came Too Fast

She took one step towards the threshold and never looked back.
She knew she was one step closer to getting her life back on track.
He grabbed her by the arm and tried to pull her in.
She swears this is some game that she's never gonna win.
As tears rolled down her face and she begged to let her go.
He said "I've made too many mistakes. I'm never letting go".
She took another step towards the backdoor and slowly turned around.
There he stood in silence, He never made a sound.
She said "I thought you said forever, but forever came too fast.
I'm sorry I cant do this, this love will never last".
So she gave him one last kiss and before she said goodbye.
She put on that fake smile and tried so hard not to cry.
She let go of the one man who captured her heart.
She acts like she's ok but its tearing her apart