Going through life like it's a story book is the biggest rip off since the beginning of humanity. You can't live life with out cares, and this I should know. I've lived for close to two hundred years now. Nothing really changes besides technology and family. I realized the fact I was never going to see my family ever again when I watched my sister, the only truly living being left in my mortal family, die at the age of eighty three. I realized that once she was gone I would be alone. Without my human emotions though, I could act as though I never had anyone, but each of us did at one point.

You first begin to realize when your actually dead is when you can pass through the years and no one ever recognizes you. I usually pass people when I go out for my nightly walks, cowering in dumpsters and running through alley ways as if someone was chasing them. I do not feed off of these people. I feel sorry for them and well I can't bring myself to do it. That's my lingering human emotion, I feel sorry for the living. They'll die someday and be stuck in purgatory for eternity. Like me, they'll be just like me.

I watch time pass by like years were days. I never remember the people I've met, no reason too. That was until I met a very interesting vampire named Adrina Beryln. She owned a nightclub on 32nd street and Victorian Avenue. Also a small apartment building just three blocks west of there.

One night as I was walking to a small bar I currently held a position at and I was overwhelmed by a thin woman in thigh-high lace up boots, a corset like trench coat, and a look on her face that told me she had a job for me.

I usually did jobs for desperate people in search for something to calm there nerves, or something along those lines. But Adrina's offer was a bit different. She offered me two hundred thousand dollars to help her find out and obtain a certain necklace. The necklace had belonged to the first vampire, Cain. His soul was sealed inside of it and that's what she wanted.

I considered her offer. She also promised me a place to stay as the research was conducted and free access to her nightclub. I deeply considered her offer, a lot of money that I was going to need, and maybe a Haven. I called her back at the number she had given me when we met on the street. It rang several times until a tired female voice picked up.

"Hello?" The voice sounded out of breath. ", Who is this?"

"Adrina, this is Fawnna Rikarde. And I'd like to take you up on your offer."

"Heheh," She laughed slightly into the phone. "Okay then, meet me at Bloody Pleasures in a few hours. Oh and next time you call; wait till the sun has fallen. It's only three thirty in the afternoon. See you then."

The line went dead; I hung up my cell phone. The snapping sound of it echoed throughout the concrete cell I had locked myself in for the night. I usually don't hang out in cemeteries, too stereotypical in my mind. But tonight I didn't have a choice.

About three hours later it was safe to come out. I went out the same way I went in. Through the back door, it had been unlocked I guess. It's weird that a mausoleum had a back door. I arrived at the club, pushed my way through the humans crowding around the door with the vampires who had seduced them there. Approaching the bouncer he gave me a look and held out his hand. Glancing at his eyes I tilted my head a little and flashed him the barcode on my neck. I had gotten it a while ago; it gave me the entrance to pretty much anywhere I wanted to go. But I did something I regret to get it. I killed the only person I ever let get close to me, I was going to turn him, but by Vampire Law I couldn't. I loved him you could say, but with a different type of passion. It wasn't vampire lust, it wasn't just for the sex either, it was something more than just that.

The bouncer glanced at it and allowed me to pass through the door with no questions asked. I found myself in a crowded room. The steam off of the crowd filled the ceiling; to an ordinary person this room would have been freezing, but then again not many here were normal people. I walked over to the bar and sat at a stool. The bartender glanced up.

"And what can I get such a lovely person such as yourself?" His cold grey eyes were like stone. His thin mouth parted just so his fangs could be seen.

"A blood and BV," I matched his stare with my fiery green-blue eyes. ", And Adrina Beryln." The barkeep looked at me funny. He stopped in the middle of making my drink.

"She can be found on the top floor at the moment, training." He handed me my drink.

"Thanks." I threw a five dollar bill down on the bar. Drained the glass and walked up the stairs. Security stood in my way right before the training room door.

"Miss Adrina will not be disturbed at the moment. She is training." They said this in unison. I laughed a little, their blue eyes glaring down on me.

"Miss Adrina," I began, "is expecting my company. She knows I'm here. Go ahead and ask her for yourself. That is if your intelligence can handle the pressure of having to think." They then got angry and started in for my throat. I whipped my hand out of my pocket. Silver glistened on my hand as my finger knives slashed across both of their throats. They fell to the ground, twitching like dying pigs. I placed my hand back into my pocket and entered the room. Adrina sat on a wooden bench covered in a black satin cushion. Bodies lay on the floor, some bleeding from their necks or other body parts and some not bleeding at all. She looked up at me as she entered, blood crusting on her fingers and an almost tired look on her face. She of course never got tired, she never had too.

"Nice of you to join me," She watched me walk across the room toward her. "Hope the guard didn't give you too much trouble."

"No they didn't." I answered quietly standing about five feet from her. She gestured for me to sit down next to her. I sat down and she turned to face me. Her eyes shone with a mixture of lust and malice. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of her face, something about her was seductive.

"Good. Hopefully then you came to confirm the fact that you have taken my offer?" She asked quietly, no longer needing to speak loudly for I was only a few inches from her.

"Yes that's why I'm here. I take it Jim downstairs didn't know about the guard then?" I asked this causally. Jim was the bartender. I wanted to know why he hadn't told me about them.

"You are correct. I care not to tell my employees half the stuff that happens in this establishment, even though if they just observed they would know. Can I get you a drink?" I shook my head. As she reached over and made herself one.

"Miss Adrina. How can I help you?" I decided it was time to get down to business.

"First of all never call me Miss again. Second of all I need your computer skills in my pursuit of a certain necklace. I take it you know which one I'm talking about?" I nodded", good that makes it a bit easier. The name of the necklace I won't say here, I'm afraid the walls have ears, several of them. But like I was saying I need to find it. It belongs to me, well will, and that's why I need you."

"I don't know how to answer what you're looking for. Isn't it said to be lost?" I asked carefully. I watched her adrenaline rise in her eyes, her hands clenched the bench we sat on, the black satin ripping slightly under her nails. She suddenly relaxed and looked as though she had been that way seconds before.

"Yes. That's what people say." She smiled a little. ", Go to this address. There's a room for you, and the others are waiting." She handed me a piece of paper.