Chapter Seventeen

Wolf didn't say anything for a few weeks after that. None of us did, we had nothing to talk about. Finally after about two months, Wolf seemed to wake up out of a haze. He came out of Fawnna's room one day holding an average sized box and he called us all into the dining room.

'When Fawnna died, she left me a list of things to give you all." Wolf took the three things out of the box and laid them on the table. Laying there was; a long and sharp knife, a black leather journal, and Cain's necklace.

'Sora, she wanted you to have the sword of Prince Jestin. It came into her possession when they raided his mansion after they had killed him." Wolf handed Sora the blade, who took it lightly out of its fabric casing. The sheath itself was probably worth more then double the entire worth of Farsi.

"Kira," He picked up the journal and handed it to me. ", everything that happened to her throughout her life is in this book, make sure you take good care of it."

"I will." I smiled and accepted the journal gratefully.

"And for you Elenya," Wolf gazed absently at the necklace. ", this is for you. Contained within it is your mother's human soul and a part of Cain, the first and most powerful vampire. If you find the other two pieces you will have the power to do anything you want. But, of course, your mother suggested that you don't do that." He smiled when he said this.

"What did she leave for you Wolf?" Sora asked, looking up from his blade. Wolf's eyes grew distant as if he were looking at something only he could see.

"She didn't leave me. She's my wife." Elenya gasped and threw her arms around Wolf's neck. Wolf hugged her like a father would hug his daughter. ", I hope Elenya, that you can accept me as your father. I would gladly take the position."

She kissed him on the cheek and nodded furiously.

Later that night I walked past Fawnna's room, Wolf was sitting on the bed holding a ring in his hand. The stone in the ring glowed blue and I realized what he meant by Fawnna didn't leave him. She had given him part of her soul and the other part to her daughter. Fawnna would still live through them.