O My Father,

I am incomplete.

My days without You turn dreary and desolate.

I have not been taking my daily bread.

And the bread I do break turns to crumbs.

I am weak of heart and mind without You.

Your constant guidance leads me down

The narrow path of Light.

Yet I fight for control of my life.

The need to be normal in this world delves too deep.

Why can I not stop thinking of that one enigmatic man?

Continually I tell You to take this burden.

Continually I fail to let it go.

Please stop me Lord from this path of self-destruction.

You are the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow.

Yet You are the rainbow itself.

Lead me to that treasure within Your Ghost.

Lord, help me.

I an nothing without You,

Only a mere speck in this world.

You are great, my Lord, my King.

I need to drink deeply from Your Wellspring.

I need revival.

Sincerely confused as ever,

Your daughter