Hazard Inc., Destruction Company

There's a wrecking ball around m

Superior Vena Cava, a

Bulldozer circumventing the

Reciprocal vein; Hazard Inc., the

Destruction Company, keeps things

Running smoothly here and I can look

At your photograph and never

Miss a beat. You're next to death to me,

Even Kodak is blind to the

Misery, there's nothing inside me.

Flooded cement and gravel brain,

It's not difficult to maintain this

Assembly line facade, these

Lips crane-hoisted, the misery-free

Photograph pools lodged in my head.

Pictures take a slot opposite my

Memories, filed away in

The "Time Wasted" portion of my weighed

Down gravel cranium, I have

Learned to waste time by wasting time because

Memories are a toxin that

Nobody needs.